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Tennis, the story of Federico Senna: “I grew up with Roberta Vinci games. I have high goals”

Tennis, the story of Federico Senna: “I grew up with Roberta Vinci games. I have high goals”

During a career Roberta Vincifollowed by Historical coach Francesco Sennaoften observed in his corner A shots little boySome insiders knew him, some onlookers did not yet. Always stay by your side dadOne can understand that this young man called “ball“He could really enjoy tennis, as he was always present on the training sessions and in the stands.”That one day he won’t become a tennis player too?Someone asked. Well yes, as well as being Ibn Sina, Federico He is now also known for his results, above all US Open Junior Championship semi-finals Most recently achieved by eliminating No. 1 seed Jaroslav Demin.

Federico Senna (in the photo provided by himself), speaking to OA Sport, Uncover goals and ambitions: Followed by his father Now full-time, the Palermo native is stylish 2007is slowly making his way among the professionals, through hard training and a good eye China senior. His dream is Winning at Flushing Meadows:Who knows if we’ll see him one day Final on Arthur Ashe Very dear to him. At just 16 years old, time is on his side, but as we know, anything can happen in tennis.

You are the son of Francesco Senna, former ATP No. 427 holder and historic coach of Roberta Vinci. When did you first start hitting the tennis courts?
I don’t remember the exact day I started playing tennis, I grew up at the club my dad worked at, and I was there with him every day since I was in the pram. I have videos (because I don’t remember, I was 9 months old and I didn’t walk yet) in which I spent my time hitting anything with a scoop or an empty bottle. They tell me it’s my favorite hobby! However, I remember that I dribbled the Centrals several times in the Slam tournaments and many other tournaments, I loved following Roberta’s matches and every day I looked forward to my training with my father.“.

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Before you started playing tennis at a competitive level, you would often follow your father to tournaments, do you think this may have influenced your passion for tennis in some way? Why not, did this also benefit you as a player?
Yes, I think it contributed to my passion for tennis, although often when I was 3/4 years old (I didn’t sleep much) I would wake up in the middle of the night and ask to dribble in the living room or on the balcony. I played with my grandparents, with my uncles, with anyone who would throw a ball at me. I destroyed all the decorations in the house. Walking around the circuit for five months a year, every year, with my father, in Roberta’s tournaments, certainly helped me understand the game. We often talked at the table about the match, the difficulties we faced during the match, and the amazing points we won or lost. In short, it was nice to listen continuously and then I loved seeing the duo of Sara Irani and Roberta. It was interesting to listen to the advice my father gave from abroad. I think all of this helped me.“.

This year you have achieved many achievements in youth competitions, which Federico Senna will we see in 3-4 years?
I hope firstly that I have grown physically and without injuries, but above all, I hope that I have been a good athlete so that I can compete against anyone. My dreams are big, and the work I will do every day on and off the field will be great“.

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You have declared on several occasions that the US Open is one of your favorite tournaments, and you are fond of it not only as a player but also as a spectator, given that you were in Roberta Vinci’s box when she defeated Serena Williams in the semi-finals. 2015 Final: How did this affect you? Did you make the junior semifinals at Flushing Meadows this year?
It was a great feeling, every day I was improving my tennis, match by match, I really believed I could win it. Too bad about the semi-final. The US Open is my favorite Grand Slam, I have a lot of good memories in New York, I haven’t been back since 2016, I feel at home in this city“.

What surface do you feel you can best express yourself on?
Definitely concrete“.

Is there a tennis player on the ATP circuit that you particularly admire?
Novak Djokovic is undisputed. I don’t know him personally, but his tennis style, mental strength and personality on the court are a unique example for me to follow.“.

Do you think, as in your case, having a parent who also serves as a coach can be an advantage?
Yes, I think so, if you have a balanced parent and a good relationship, I think that’s lucky“.

How will you handle the final part of the season?
After the semi-finals in the USA, I competed in the ITF Junior Finals, in Chengdu in China, which is a bit like the ATP Finals in Turin, and in preparation for that, I will first play with JA in Japan in Osaka, and then finish the tournament. Activity with the U-16 World Championship (Junior Davis Cup) in Spain. From mid-November I will begin preparation and hard physical and technical work between Palermo and Tirenia (in the Federal Centre), before leaving for Australia in mid-January 2024.“.

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