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Revolutionizing the IOC, lacrosse and motorsports at the Los Angeles 2028 Games?

Revolutionizing the IOC, lacrosse and motorsports at the Los Angeles 2028 Games?

Beijing 2020 (actually 2021): Climbing, surfing, skiing, and karate. Paris 2024: Break (plus climbing, surfing and skiing confirmed). Los Angeles 2028: 9 majors in running ended up in the shortlists (cricket, kickboxing, breakout, baseball and softball, lacrosse, karate, squash, and motorsports). The IOC is opening doors to new sports, slugger sports, replays and affirmations. More and more TVs are driving.

28 sports have been confirmed for LA 28 (including climbing, surfing and skateboarding) and the IOC must accept more recommendations from the organizing committee in this new list. In any case, the fixed limit of 10,500 athletes should not be exceeded. Boxing, weightlifting and the modern pentathlon are under scrutiny for various reasons (doping and corruption), but they have a good chance of being confirmed in American-made games as well.

The nine athletes nominees to enter the 2028 Games will be screened in the coming months before the IOC Executive Committee proposes a roster at the IOC session, which also includes Giovanni Malaghi: The final selection will take place in Mumbai, India, in May 2023.

The only appearance of cricket at the Olympic Games was in Paris in 1900. The T20 format was proposed for the 2028 Games. Breaking, more commonly known as breakdance, will make its Olympic debut in Paris 2024. The sport first appeared as the Olympic discipline in the Olympic Games for young people in Buenos Aires 2018 and was a great success among young people.

The unique venue requirement for baseball and softball led to their disqualification from the 2012 London Olympics and Rio 2016, but there has been a comeback in Japan and now it can be confirmed at the LA 28 Games as well. Dodger Stadium). The partnership between the International Federation of American Football (IFAF) and the National Football League (NFL) of the United States is behind the proposal to include football in Los Angeles 28. The flag is seen as an essential component of the international growth of volleyball. United State. “The International Football Association (IFAF) and was first introduced in a multi-sport event at the 2022 World Games Birmingham. The rules are based on American football but without physical contact. Kind of capture the flag.

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Lacrosse, on the other hand, is a sport practiced by indigenous peoples throughout North America, and has become one of the most popular majors in American high schools. It debuted in St. Louis in 1904 and again in London in 1908: it was later a show sport in Amsterdam in 1928, Los Angeles in 1932 and London in 1948.

Featured in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics for the first and only time, Karate is a popular sport among American youth. In Paris 2024 this was not surprisingly confirmed. Kickboxing makes its first “show” for inclusion in the program and has never appeared in games. Instead, he tried squash several times to enter the Olympics without success at all. Motorsports were previously banned from the Games, but this rule was repealed 10 years ago and electric karting became a demonstration event in Buenos Aires 2018. Now it is being trialled with electric or hydrogen engines. This is the situation in Los Angeles 2028: other sports such as paddocks (see Spy Calcio on August 15) or bowls should try their luck in Brisbane 2032. The decision will be made in three years.