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"Quality is poor. Melek doesn't make a difference"

“Quality is poor. Melek doesn’t make a difference”

Yesterday, Juventus was of poor quality: the lack of Pogba and Di Maria felt yesterday. It’s a team that Sampdoria faced with difficulty. Juventus didn’t do much. In midfield, where the game was born, he has a bit of a quality. Back to last year’s levels, Allegri should be hoping for these players to come backThe former Juventus coach spoke to Sky Sports 24 Fabio Capello rejects the team’s performanceAfter a disappointing draw with Luigi Ferraris in Genoa against Giampaolo’s Sampdoria.

Capello: “Milik doesn’t make a difference”

Midfield reinforcements? I don’t see classic directors around, so it’s tough. and then, I’ve heard of Milik, but he’s not a player that makes a difference. He’s not what fans dream of seeing at Juventus: he’s a good player and could be part of the team. On the other hand, those who bought this year are part of the eleven who should go to the starting field“.

Capello vs Juventus Roma

Juventus Roma will say a lot to Roma. Juventus is last year’s team, probably the weakest due to injuries. The lost church, Pogba di Maria, de Ligt and Chillini no longer exists. It will be a very difficult match for Juventus. It seems to me that Roma understood how to play and they have a lot of quality and speed. We talked about Zaniolo, Abraham and Dybala, but there is Spinazzola, who is not yet at one hundred percent: when he finds the dribbling, the change of direction and the pace he had before the injury, that will be very important. Roma will present themselves with great confidence in Turin. It will be an interesting race. I think it will be a race that will be decided abroad‘ Capello concludes.

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Juventus and Allegri We have a problem: Vlahovic can only receive 9 balls in 96 minutes.

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