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Over the next few days, strong thunderstorms and winds will be expected from Wednesday, but also the African heat

Over the next few days, strong thunderstorms and winds will be expected from Wednesday, but also the African heat

Italy is divided between bad weather in the north and summer heat in the south

Between the strong bad weather gripping the north and the mid-summer already being felt in the south, there will be nothing boring in the weather over the next few days with Italy literally being split in two.

One must look for the cause in one’s presence A wide and deep cyclonic circulation, the driving center south of the United Kingdom and slowly moving towards France. Due to this, cold and humid currents will be activated, which will cause a very capricious weather panorama in the north, where there will be bad days. Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 May. Due to the entry of new and unsteady currents Extreme events at the local level cannot be ruled outCome Storms e SleetConsidering the strong contrasts created in our country where we currently have a very warm climate.

At the same time, the southward movement of the low pressure area will draw very warm air from the boiling Saharan lands directly towards parts of the southern and central regions. In these areas, you will experience not only calm weather but also very high temperatures. In the southern regions, especially SicilyWe expect thermal values ​​from All summer with threshold-touching peaks 40°C.Precipitation forecast for Wednesday, May 15

Precipitation forecast for Wednesday, May 15
Only in between Friday 17th May and early next weekend The general circulation may undergo changes with less unstable conditions in the north and a relaxation of extreme heat in the south.

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He spoke about these issues Antonio SanoFounder of the site, what will happen on the weather front in the next few days.

Over the next few days our country will be divided in two: on the one hand thunderstorms, the risk of hail, and on the other hand the first African blaze capable of raising temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. Early today, a deep depression driven by Atlantic currents will quickly pass over central-northern Europe and then plunge directly into the Mediterranean basin from the Rhône Gate.

What are the consequences?

Colder currents entering our seas will favor the formation of cyclones that will bring rain and thunderstorms in the north, especially on Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th. Due to the rapid entry of cold air at high altitudes, extreme events at the local level cannot be ruled out, given the strong contrasts created in our country between bad weather and heat.

But that wouldn’t be the case in the South, would it?

Yes, that’s right: due to the counter-clockwise circulation of currents around the low pressure depression, we expect a simultaneous increase in very warm air of subtropical origin, directly from the Sahara Desert. Expanding into all of our Mid-South regions. Temperatures are expected to be above the seasonal average in these sectors, with maximums reaching 35°C in Calabria and Puglia, and reaching the 38/40°C threshold in the interior of Sicily.