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Super Green Boss in December: What it is and what it covers.  Latest News - Chronicle

Super Green Boss in December: What it is and what it covers. Latest News – Chronicle

Rome, 22 November 2021 – The ‘Super Green Boss’, The new Green Certificate is due to take effect in December. Today, at the meeting between Government and Regions, Asked governors to commit to production types and the winter economy.RewardingVaccinated citizens and their restrictions, Even in the white area. But the government is taking time and learning from the sources, “Currently Reflects“. Another meeting with the leaders of the regions, before the cabinet next Thursday, was not avoided. However, this move will inevitably create controversy and dissatisfaction. But we will see what it will be, what the hypothesis is. And the details are below.

Because the road is hilly. Untie knots

Meanwhile, TheSouth Tyrol Running for card: Closed discs, In red municipalities Curfew 20 to 5 and see e Restaurants closed at 6 p.m.. Across the province, on the other hand, the Mandatory mask Ffp2 for outdoor and public transportation.


With the possibility of a super green pass, or a privileged route for those who have been vaccinated Double track Controlling not only vaccination is the theme of the week. And it is still under discussion after the first government-regional meeting held today. By Regions, The demands are clear: to guarantee production types and the winter economy, Rewarding Existing citizens Vaccine Gives them less control. Some governors have asked that this be triggered Even in the white area.

From the side Government, This time we will take the time to “reflect”, according to what we learn from the sources. Therefore, nothing has been decided yet. At least until the next meeting that can take place before next Thursday.

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Dietrofront in transport: No duty on buses and metro

In front Cts, Then The Control room Finally on Thursday The Cabinet. These are the steps required to obtain a license for a Super Green Pass. In the week the decision is made, it should not be postponed any further. Today’s meeting between the government and Egion was not attended by Prime Minister Drake, but by Deputy Secretary of State Karobali, who was open to the demands of the governors. The administrator explained that it had taken note of the proposals. Now the third dose was announced five months in advance.

In addition, therefore, the pressure on those who are not vaccinated also serves in other hotspots, including the palazzo ciki. Mandatory nature of the vaccine For some Types – Primarily physicians, teachers and law enforcement agencies – and Reducing the lifespan of pads and green bass.

However, one thing is for sure: The Tightness Against Not vaccinated It does not apply to offices or public transport, and was considered. This idea was rejected by the unions, according to which restrictions would be “impossible” without temporary workers. The road, if anything, will be that vax No ban Access to social services such as cinemas, theaters or restaurants in the event of a change in the color of the regions. At this time, it does not appear on the horizon, but it may still happen, even sooner, if it is true – as experts say – the fourth wave today will triple the number of cases from 10 thousand to 30 thousand. . The idea of ​​the government – then to deal with restrictions and any implications related to privacy – is to limit the validity of the certificate obtained. tampons Accessible only Work or essential services.

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Anesthesiologists in the government: “Risk of occlusion resuscitation in a month”

Instead, it is the application that now appears to be excludedVaccination is mandatory for everyone – a move that does not convince the palazzo siki or the vast majority of governors – and we largely attribute extended duty to certain categories.

Cancel travel and explosions on suspicion. Uncertainty about Govt stops tourists

Federica explains, on the one hand, the results of the Super Green Pass “Even the last undecided will be convincedTo assure companies of “and vice versa” we can not say, ‘We’ll see where you are and whether you will open it or not’. “Change – Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo and the head of the Conference of the Regions, Massimiliano Federica, say in unison – It’s closing“, With severe repercussions on Christmas. It is no coincidence that, in fact, more than one in ten Italians – according to Goldretti’s estimates – have decided to buy gifts to put under the tree.” We will not interfere – he underscores – the effect is that if a region enters the orange or red zone it will be closed regardless of everything. ” De Mayo: “Closing everything as an alternative to green bass and vaccines means we can neither buy nor want it”. “We need to work with new initiatives, for example, the vaccine duty is the third dose duty for the already predicted types, and I think this is an action that will be approved this week,” the Undersecretary of Health confirms. , Andrea Costa.

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