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Weather report. Bad weather, rain, thunderstorms and snow disrupted traffic in Italy. Status and Forecasts 3B Meteo

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Weather report Italy
Weather report Italy

Rain emphasizes on Liguria and Lombardy. The disturbance affecting Italy is above all active between mid-eastern Liguria and Lombardy, where continuous rain and sleet in the morning with a rainfall accumulation of over 20 mm in the Bergamo preleps and over 50 mm in the Specino. Emilia, Veneto and Friuli Viji will also get some rain, but these are weak events.

Reverse in Middle Tyrrhenian. It was an unpredictable morning in central Tyrrhenian areas, especially in Lazio and Upper Campania, with an accumulation of more than 30 mm of rain from midnight in Pontino.

Rain in the north, a little snow in the Alps. Due to the deepening depression in southwestern Europe, much of Italy has been hit by a hurricane, leading to bad weather. In the northern regions Rain and showers Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, West Emilia, East Venito and Friuli VG.. With the exception of a few more regular showers in Genoa, these are extensive but not particularly serious events. They are recorded in the Alps Weak snowfall between Piedmont and Lombardy Starting from 1500 / 1600m.

Reverse in Middle-Lower Tyrrhenian. The southern part of the front directly covers the central-southern peninsula on the Tyrrhenian side. Rain and showers in Lower Tuscany and Lazio and some thunderstorms in Campania Spread from the coasts to the interior. The most significant rainfall accumulations are currently recorded in the Salerno region with values ​​reaching 40 mm locally from midnight.

Rain and weather in the main islands and Puglia. Disturbing acting And in Sardinia Especially in the west it rains and rains and leaves Tyrrhenian, where events are occasional or completely absent. Sicily is also involved Rain and thundershowers will be heavy at dawn in the eastern region, especially in the Ragusa region. Rain and thunderstorms simultaneously affect the lower Adriatic region, Especially Salento.

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Next hour weather. Clouds and scattered rain will continue in the northwest, Lombardy, Emilia and most of the Tyrrhenian region. Thundershowers between Lazio and Campania, The bright characters are rather weak in Calabria which takes over soon. There is some rain in March, but the intensity is low. Rain in Sardinia, Central-southern species. Rather in the northeast, in the central-southern Adriatic and other parts of the south, with a trend Daytime improvement in Sicily, Takes shine there. Spray Snow in the Midwest Alps 1500 m, 1900 m in the central-northern Apennines. Moderate southwesterly winds blow from east to northeast. The temperature drops slightly. Enter the section for all details Weather Italy. For the forecast for Tuesday Click here.

Italy weather on Monday
Italy weather on Monday

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