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Silly slip Marco Liorni: “What are you saying?”  |  The camera records everything

Silly slip Marco Liorni: “What are you saying?” | The camera records everything

Eva Zanici – – Source: web search

Eva Zanici will have an amazing fortune that, if we read the numbers, can be said to be a real slap in the face of poverty.

Italian music and television could not have succeeded without a personality like Eva Zanici. Born in 1940, Eva has accumulated a wealth of experiences on and off television. She’s still very young He has enjoyed great success as a singer Because of his determination and really lively personality.

The enviable vocal record is that of Iva Zanicchi which during her long career as a singer has led her to experiment with different musical genres. She moved from busy melodic songs to pop songs and songs intended for children. Without a doubt one of the most important musical figures in our entire peninsula.

Between the years The sixties and seventies She is certainly one of the best singers that Italy has ever known, along with Patti Bravo, Mina, Melva and Orietta Berti, in short a very respectable group of her opponents who were nicknamed Legonchio eagle. But Eva’s success does not stop in Italy alone. In fact, during her long career, the singer has managed to organize tours all over the world, from New York to Sydney, via Buenos Aires as well.

A career full of successes which obviously can’t help but give her a very respectable bank account. Let’s find out what are the singer’s origins, according to some rough estimates.

Eva Zanici and her stellar legacy

But Eva Zanici’s career was illuminated not only by music, but also by cinema and television. In fact, Iva Zanicchi was also a well-known actress who, in addition to participating in a series of TV shows and also in reality TV, was always putting herself on the line. today again, Eva is often a guest on televisionThis is due to its enormous thickness.

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Her commitment in various fields of entertainment has allowed her to have a highly respected legacy. Her revenue comes from royalties, but also from her presence on some TV shows.

Zanici profits from VAT -

Zanicchi profits from VAT –

Earnings that the singer has accumulated in her career

Throughout his career, the royalties from his songs, some of which were huge hits in Italy and abroad, will amount to… 1.5 million euros. Obviously, these are rumors that we cannot absolutely confirm.

Furthermore, Eva would have independently paid her beloved Social Security contributions, giving her access to a pension of 7000 euros per month. An amount that allows her to live a peaceful and comfortable life. Even with his current appearance on television.