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Tesla Model Y makes history: it will have the first self-charging battery

Tesla Model Y makes history: it will have the first self-charging battery

Elon Musk responds to Xiaomi and all other competitors. All it takes is software, so the Tesla Model Y represents electric vehicle history

Fact to understand what we’re talking about: In 2023, Tesla delivered 1.2 million in Model YWhich means the best-selling car in the world, more than the Toyota Corolla, so to speak, number one among electric cars in the past calendar year. Not only.

Thank you More than two million units delivered From the start of production until December 2023, Elon Musk’s car has become the most popular electric car ever. Why? The reason, first and foremost, but not only, lies in its truly insane specifications.

Folding seats, two boxes and towing capacity up to 1600 kg: With Model Y, you can take it all with you. Ultra-responsive 15-inch touchscreen as the center of the driver’s driving experience: just a few taps to access your favorite games, movies or music. still.

Sitting in a high position with a low dashboard, it is a detail that should not be underestimated: the driver has a perfect view of the road, but above all, he drives comfortably, with ample space available, both for those driving and next to him. Those who are behind. Attached Important stowage capacity.

The glass ceiling, when work becomes pleasure

An airy and open atmosphere thanks to the all-glass roof, which combines the benefit provided by the layers Acoustic glass And protection from glare, heat and UV rays, to ensure a silent travel experience.

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Autopilot is a game changer in safety. It allows you to automatically steer, accelerate and brake in your lane, under your active supervision, providing assistance in the most demanding parts of your driving. With over-the-air software updates, the latest improvements are always immediately available.

Elon Musk, number one at Tesla – Ansa photo –

Elon Musk is not satisfied

Imagine if Xiaomi had now decided to enter the world of electric cars with high quality in direct proportion to significantly lower prices, if Elon Musk had not been able to respond. Obviously in its own way.

Well, according to Tesla’s first number, motorists will be able to purchase upgrade software Which will allow you to get between 70 and 100 kilometers of autonomy on a rear-wheel drive Tesla Model Y, considering that it is currently certified for 455 kilometers, that’s a lot of 20%. How much does the program cost? Between 1500 and 2000 euros.