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Diletta Liotta, new love charmed her by nature, she “forgot” Loris Karius

Diletta Liotta, new love charmed her by nature, she “forgot” Loris Karius

The beautiful Diletta Leotta has a new love: this is what we’re talking about /

The Sicilian broadcaster has found a new love: her passion is so overwhelming that she forgets about the German footballer.

She is one of the most talented young broadcasters out there right now: Diletta LottaHe was born in 1991 and grew up in Sicily. She made her debut at the age of seventeen on the local network Antenna Sicilia, where she broadcast football, a sport she is considered a great expert and passionate about. However, in 2011, the big leap happened: in fact, this leap happened MediasetWhere he initially hosted a program on La5.

Since then, Diletta Leotta has become one of the most beloved Italian broadcasters: in fact, she has been called upon to present programs dedicated to poker and also to the weather, even hosting two special programs about the European Championships in 2016. In addition to television, Diletta also loves radio: since 2017 she has been The face of Radio 105. However, in 2020, her big dedication arrived: Amadeus called her in to co-host the first and last evening of the Radio 105 show. Sanremo Festival.

Despite her young age, Diletta Liotta is an impressive professional. Her private life was marked by gossip: first her relationship with boxer Daniele Scardina, then her relationship with the famous Turkish actor. Maybe, Yaman Finally, the Giacomo Cavalli model. Since 2022 she is in a relationship with the German footballer Loris KariusBut now, according to rumours, there is room in his heart for someone else too.

This is the one who conquered Diletta Liotta’s heart forever

Leotta-Karius fans can rest assured: There is no separation in sight And there is no betrayal for the two, who are more in love than ever. Diletta has always had it Love big carsAnd in his garage there is room for two really cool models.

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The first is Kia SportageA sporty SUV suitable for city trips and long trips, making sustainability its strong point. The model is the 2023 Sportage, with hybrid and plug-in hybrid engines, which can reach 187 hp.

Diletta Leotta and her boyfriend, German footballer Loris Karius /

In addition to the Kia, Diletta Leotta’s garage also has space for an Italian

Not just Kia Sportage: Delita has one too Fiat 500 customizationWith red mirrors and bright colors. Plus, apparently Diletta Leotta can also drive all of her boyfriend’s nice cars.

But the best news for fans of the couple came just a few months ago: on her birthday (August 16), the presenter gave birth to a baby boy. Aria’s daughter.