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Sanremo 2023, Maria De Filippi to FQMagazine: “My editors legitimately asked C’è Posta per te to air. The festival? An essential event for Italian music”


My editor legitimately request that programming ‘You’ve got mailIt continued normally even within a week San Remo Festival. “I Got Mail” aired on Saturdays for years, and thus aired on the same day as the programming, “Word Maria Devilipi. The presenter confirms except for microphones FqMagazine The Canal 5 show will be broadcast on Saturday, February 11, against the “Sanremo 2023” final.

January 11th Dagosby He reports on Mediaset’s decision, in a historic way, not to close out the festival. For the first time, after nearly fifteen years, Amadeus will have to deal with an unprecedented scenario and He will have to deal with Biscione’s major titles:”hyenas“,”Big Brother VIP“And the truth,”You’ve got mail“.

Listening to the challenge sounds silly to meIt would be unreasonable and frank on my part and anyone’s to think so. I know that I work in a private TV where Business logic is importantI am aware of that and understand it. I consider sanremo, net any normal programming logic or counterprogramming as you prefer, An essential event for Italian music as well as for meDe Felipe explained FqMagazine.

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