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I support myself by shooting three videos a week, but I'll have no problem going back to the factory

I support myself by shooting three videos a week, but I’ll have no problem going back to the factory

“I was alone in school because my parents didn’t see me well,” says Jaby Lam, the world’s most famous tiktoker. “Italian citizenship? I hope a lot of guys like me get it soon.”

The strength of his character lies in his ability to make composite seem simple, in a sarcastic and optimistic style. Khabe did not He is not only the most followed Tik Toker in the world, but he is also a very promising face in the international entertainment scene. Today, at the age of twenty-two, he dreams of a career in the world of cinema:Maybe an Oscar, 10 years later’, but for now he still feels like the guy who plays FIFA, loves cartoons and prays for the Qur’an.

The videos that made him famous all over the world

I dream of becoming an actor With Will Smith and Eddie Murphy. I’m going to study in America, “ Corriere tells della sera who opens the doors of his apartment in Milan where he lives with his manager. America has already had the opportunity to taste young Jabe, if we consider that among the top five countries that follow him on social networks are the United States, Brazil and Mexico. “Everywhere they were saying “I know you” from machines. even there I can no longer roam unaccompaniedHe admits, explaining that in Milan he goes out quite a bit. In his mundane life, he has had the opportunity to meet his idols, from Bolt to Macy’s to Snoop Dogg, whom he already considers his “grandson”.

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New life as a social star

However, Khabe, a 22-year-old of Senegalese descent who grew up in northern Italy, remains without difficulty. “When I went to school I was always ready My father did not see well. You are from the dwellings of the people, Possible culprit. I remember that The adults said don’t play with himToday, he supports himself by making two or three videos per week, primarily thanks to the sponsors. “My new life is great, but I’m still the same. I’ve done many jobs, I have no problem getting back to factory help“.

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Be disappointed on the red carpet in Venice .79

Be disappointed on the red carpet in Venice .79

When did he get Italian citizenship?

He admits that his greatest satisfaction was being able to buy a new home for his family in the Milanese hinterland. “We lived all our lives in seven rooms in two, and now we have a normal houseTo help, he began working very early, at the age of 17, as a warehouse worker, a construction worker. Another great achievement was the acquisition of Italian citizenship, which was not without controversy. Many have argued that Jabe obtained it only because he was so outstanding. As a character, but is ready to answer: “I hope other guys like me, my friends get it soon too. No one in my family owns it. They too have been on the list for a long time.”