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Princess video advertisement – ​​

Princess video advertisement – ​​

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Kate Middleton has cancer: The Princess of Wales announced this in a video, in which she explained that she is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Kensington Palace said it would not provide further information about the disease. Words from Charles, Harry and Meghan

From our correspondent
LONDON — Princess Kate He addressed the nation: to announce this She has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy.

Deceive An unprecedented video message with enormous emotional impactIt was filmed – according to the BBC's Instagram account – on March 20, and broadcast on Friday, 22, at the opening of the evening news. Prince William's wife has put an end to weeks of wild speculation about his condition Revealing the harsh truth: She is seriously ill and will have to face a long period of treatment.

But Kate's words, serious and thoughtful, were at the same time full of hope and optimism: He said: I'm fine, and I'm getting stronger every day. She'll be fine.

From Kensington Palace – as they explain No further information will be released about the nature of Kate's tumor
For privacy reasons – let him know They expect a full recovery for the princessWho will be absent from public life for the foreseeable future: With King Charles also suffers from cancer Abstention from official obligations (I am so proud of Catherine for her courage(He said in a note) A very difficult and sensitive moment for the British monarchy.

Kate explained that when she underwent abdominal surgery in mid-January, It was not known that she had the tumor:This would explain why, It was said at the time that she did not have cancer.

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Only post-operative tests reveal his true condition: The final diagnosis has arrived At the end of FebruaryIt was the day when William suddenly absented himself from the funeral of the Greek King Constantine for personal reasons. The princess has He announced that he was in the early stages of preventive chemotherapy, which began at the end of last February:But now much of his and William's attention is focused on how to properly explain the situation to their children George, Charlotte and Louis.

The choice to report the news today may have been due to the fact that the long Easter school holidays have begun and so on The family will be able to come together to face the situation: Kate asked for space, time, and privacy. All things well pointed out before Prince Harry and his wife MeghanIn the message published after the announcement (We hope that Kate and her family enjoy privacy and peace); Which was not given to her in these two very difficult months: The absence of official news about his health, in the age of social media, has unleashed pressures of public opinion that the palace machinery has had great difficulty managing..

The embarrassment has culminated in the sensationalism that went wrong with an edited family photo, which has given rise to the most creative conspiracy theories. Unfortunately, the reality is much more realistic: Kate Malata Like millions of other people. At this point they realized that continuing to remain silent would only undermine the credibility of the monarchy. The road is now open to a difficult recovery: not only for the princess, but for the crown itself.

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Text of Princess Kate's message

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all of your wonderful messages of support and understanding during this time of my recovery from surgery. The last two months have been very difficult for our family, but the medical team following me is amazing, and I am grateful to them, says the princess in the video, in which she looks pale and thin.

In January I had major abdominal surgeryH At that time it was believed that I did not have cancer. The surgery went well, however Tests after the operation showed that I had cancer“Kate says in the video.

The doctors advised me to undergo this Preventive chemotherapy (It is prescribed to reduce the risk of cancer returning, Ed), and I am now in the early stages of this type of treatment.

Obviously this was a huge shock, and William and I are trying to do everything we can to make it happen Manage my condition individuallyFor our good Young family. As you can imagine, This takes time. It's time to recover from surgery, it's time to start treatment. Especially It's time to explain everything to our children – George, Charlotte and Louis – in a way they understand, and to reassure them that they will be okay again..

As I explained to them: I'm doing well, getting stronger every day, and I'm focusing on what will help me heal.

Having William by my side is a great source of comfort and reassurance. As is the love, support and kindness shown by so many of you. It all means a lot to both of us. We hope you understand that as a family we need time, space and privacy While I complete the treatments.

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He said that my work has always given me a deep sense of happiness and I look forward to returning when I am able to do so, but for now I must focus on my full recovery. At this moment, I also think of all those whose lives have been affected by cancer. Anyone who faces this disease, in any way, does not lose faith or hope. you are not aloneHe said at the conclusion of his message.

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