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How to find out if you have anxiety using your smartphone: The hidden test that reveals your health condition

How to find out if you have anxiety using your smartphone: The hidden test that reveals your health condition

Do you want to know if you suffer from anxiety? You can do this with this hidden test on your smartphone, which reveals the state of your mental health.

In the past few years, Big technology companies Smartphone manufacturers have increasingly focused on what it is The health of its consumers. Think, for example, of the various devices that contain sensors capable of collecting useful data about heart rate, sleep quality, etc.

How do you find out if you have anxiety using your smartphone?

Or even on the software side, with programs and alerts to reduce usage time, provide useful tips about physical activity and so on. There is another aspect that is being taken more and more seriously in recent years, although there are still enormous efforts to be made. That is, mental health.

Recently it was discovered that there is a hidden quiz inside your smartphone that helps you understand If you suffer from anxiety. Don't know how to access it? Then you have to follow these quick steps, and with the complete guide you will get your answers in a few minutes.

How to know if you have anxiety: The hidden iPhone test

Thanks for the last two ios updates, You have a way to know if it is You suffer from anxiety Simply by trying your hand Hidden test On your iPhone. Almost no one knows this, but it's an extra helping hand that would be worth taking advantage of. Even just out of curiosity. If yes, it is better to rely on A expert for every More professional and in-depth answers.

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There's a hidden test on your iPhone to find out if you suffer from anxiety
Do you suffer from anxiety? How to find out with hidden testing –

Coming back to the test, to access it, you must first unlock and then unlock your iPhone Greetings application. At this point, click on the Browse button located in the bottom bar on the right and scroll down to Mental well-being. Here you will find a series of useful items and tools that you can consider using based on your needs. Among other things, you will also find Risk of anxiety. This is exactly the section where the hidden test is located.

In fact, after opening it, the button should appear Answer the questionnaire. Click on it and you will immediately be presented with some questions to answer. This way, iOS will be able to roughly calculate your anxiety state. Provides you with gods Accurate data Through it you can Leave to take care of your mental health And understand how to act.