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Bianca Balti and her mastectomy option: What is a preventive mastectomy and when is it necessary

Bianca Balti and her mastectomy option: What is a preventive mastectomy and when is it necessary

Model Bianca Baltiborn in to praise In the 1984this morning in Los Angeles will be presented to one Prophylactic double mastectomy. Balti found out some time ago that she was pregnant BRCA1 gene mutation. The person who increases the risk of contracting a breast cancer And the on the ovaries. This is why she has already announced that she will be removed Tubes and ovaries. He announced the decision in his newsletter loss of feeling: «My mother is undergoing surgery because she chose life. So I told Mia (her second daughter, 7 years old, so) And so I tell you.” He explained his choice as follows: “Because I cannot bear the disease and I alone bear the economic responsibility of each one on my shoulders. Because I would like my girls in me to find the strength to act if they were ever diagnosed.”

BRCA1 gene mutation

Not hiding Fear of the trial that awaits you: «Now that the time has come, I don’t feel like it. I feel breakable. scared From the idea of ​​having to depend on others. scared From the pain I will feel. with disappointment In my having to give up a part of my body that has defined my femininity until now ». In the 2013 was the actress Angelina Jolie She announced her intention to undergo a double mastectomy in a New York Times op-ed: “My mother battled cancer for nearly ten years and died at age 56. I write about her so other women may find my experience helpful.” Balti frozen eggs BeforeProphylactic oophorectomy“The idea of ​​going through menopause at 38 is not attractive. I wanted to avoid having any regrets in the future.”

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Breast, tubal and ovarian cancer

printing Today explains that a preventive mastectomy is the removal of both breasts from a healthy pregnant woman BRCA1 gene mutation. Such as BRCA2Not only do these mutations increase the risk of infection with al Unlike thatbut also in tubein ovaries or to other devices, eg prostate or the pancreas. there BRCA1 It increases the risk of cancer Unlike thatincrements 2 loaded on ovariesAnd the tubeAnd the prostate Born in skin cancer. The presence detected so far is about 1 in 300, in both men and women. Women who carry the gene mutation have a 60-80% chance of developing the disease. Those who do not have a 12-13% chance. Removing the breast reduces the risk by 90%. But it doesn’t completely reset it.


alternatives Mastectomy Consists of Close Offers with MRI And the Mammography up i 40 years. for early detection of cancer. Otherwise, medications can be used Anticancer Such as tamoxifen. We also recommend Life style change, with a special diet and daily physical activity. Mastectomy is not recommended for those who have previously had one breast removed. study conducted by Brigham and Women’s Hospital From Boston He says there is no evidence of any improvement in terms of survival. Interference is not included in Basic levels of help. cost between 5 that they Eight thousand eurosExcept for anesthesia.

Preventive surgery

Viviana Gallimbertiboss Division of breast sciencesEuropean Institute of Oncology (IEO) From Milansaid theAdnKronos He made the same choice as Balti: “I wrote a book about this. I have a very high family history, I’ve had close relatives with breast cancer, and my mother and one of my cousins ​​both died of ovarian cancer, a tumor that is unlikely to be caught in time. I had just adopted my son and also made an important choice: to undergo preventive surgery. Therefore, I searched for how to deal with the difficult situation from a medical point of view and from a personal point of view ».

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risk ratio

However, he notes, “When you know you have a risk ratio maybe could be 80% Compared to the 2% that occur in unmedicated women, the question arises. Especially if you are young and you have planned ahead, you would consider preventive surgery. We have two possibilities. Or very rigorous examinations, however, they can only predict the diagnosis and allow us to find a smaller tumor, and yet we can improve lifestyle and do treatments Anti-estrogen can help and reduce risksor. Anyone who does not stand up to this constant control consciously reaches out Preventive mastectomy. However, the important thing is that these women can follow a path, so that they don’t make that choice out of fear, but consciously.”

To become a mother after breast cancer?

Matthew LambertiniTumors inSan Martino Hospital in GenoaAssociate Professor at the University of the Ligurian Capital and member of the Scientific Committee for I bless Adabrainstead of explaining it There is no answer yet When asked about the possibility of becoming a mother after breast cancer. “By the end of 2023, we will have answers for many young women with breast cancer about how they will cope with life after treatment, as well as about choosing a pregnancy that many oncologists still feel insecure about. Hormone levels increase the risk of recurrence. The data tells us no, but we need more robust data,” says Lambertini.

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