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Agnelli's legacy.  Prosecutors, “Fabricated Signatures and Tax Havens” – News

Agnelli's legacy. Prosecutors, “Fabricated Signatures and Tax Havens” – News

Fake residency in Switzerland, doubts about the authenticity of signatures, and treasure hidden in tax havens. A significant part of the latest theses supported by Margherita Agnelli in the endless legal battle in which she has been involved regarding the inheritance of her father, Gianni Agnelli, now finds support in the Turin Public Prosecutor's Office.

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John Elkan's lawyers, on the register of suspects, say that the woman “has been persecuting her parents and three of her children (John LaBeau and Ginevra Elkan – editor) in all judicial offices for twenty years” with overtures aimed at so far that they ended up in a hole in the water. But the search decree signed by prosecutors begins specifically with the text of the complaint filed by Margherita last December 23: “Multiple conduct carried out by some individuals, intended to create the appearance of residence in Switzerland which is in fact fictitious.” The mother of Marella Caracciolo, the lawyer’s widow, who died in February 23, 2019 at the age of 92.

This, for now, is the crux of the investigation being conducted by Alpine magistrates. According to them, an attempt was made to hide the fact that the elderly Marella “usually” lived in a villa on the Turin hill for two reasons: from a hereditary point of view, to remove her succession from the Italian system; Financially, to avoid “subjecting assets and significant income to taxation in Italy”. At the “suggestion” of accountant Gianluca Ferrero (whose position as Juventus president was not examined by the investigation), John Elkann would have been listed as having worked at FCA Security and Stellantis Europe people who actually worked for Marella, and would have signed leases for properties that The grandmother got the right to use it. The alleged crime is “dishonest tax return.”
As a result of the 2004 agreement, Margarita paid her mother an annuity: approximately $8 million that was deposited in 2018 into a bank account in Vaduz registered to an offshore company based in the British Virgin Islands. The value of income tax evaders, according to estimates by the Public Prosecution, is about $3.5 million.

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But the investigation front is much broader. Prosecutors are trying to reconstruct Marella's assets as closely as possible to understand whether and how much he will have to pay taxes.
For her part, Margherita expressed her confidence that the outcome of the investigations will strengthen her position in the ongoing civil cases in Switzerland and Turin.
It is the Turin Public Prosecutor's Office itself that pointed out that the whole case, in addition to being “particularly complex”, is characterized by “obvious anomalies”. There is a “reasonably fabricated nature – we read in the decree – of the signatures attributed to Marella on some important documents.” There are likely to be “more income-producing assets derived from Gianni Agnelli's inheritance held by offshore companies, such as Bondina Consulting, located in tax havens.” Then there are the “obvious anomalies” affecting the Decembrist estate, the historic treasury of the Agnelli family.
The decree signed by prosecutors states that the update of the shareholding structure was carried out “irregularly” and after years through the 2021 announcement containing “a special unapproved instrument from 2004” with which Marella transferred absolute ownership of the shares to John, Ginevra and Lapo Elcan. .

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