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Pre-Bundled Advertising: 730 Simplified Online

Pre-Bundled Advertising: 730 Simplified Online

Starting at noon today, Tuesday, April 30 Pre-packaged ad 2024. As in the past, taxpayers will be able to accept or modify data (starting May 20). But compared to last year, there are many new features. The most important thing is the way it is done Model 730. You will be able to choose one Simplified and targeted procedure This avoids inserting data into different rows.

730 Simplified and other tax return news

To view the pre-compiled 2024 declaration, you must log in to your reserved area on the Revenue Agency website using your SPID, CIE and CNS. So a taxpayer who meets the 730 filing requirements will be able to choose between these Normal or simplified mode.

In the latter case, you will no longer see the digital version of the form with boxes, lines and symbols, but you will be able to benefit from one of them. sorcerer With different sections indicating the existing data to be confirmed or modified, for example “Home and other property”, “Family”, “Work”, “Other income” and “Expenses incurred”. Once completed, the information will be automatically reported in the ad fields.

The data received and pre-loaded by the revenue agency is About 1.3 billion. The most numerous relate to health care expenses (more than 1 billion), insurance premiums (98 million), unique certificates for employees and the self-employed (75 million), bank transfers for renewals (10 million), and interest on mortgages (9 million). .

The Simplified Form 730 can also be filed by taxpayers who until now had to use the form Enter. Once fully operational, the latter will be allocated exclusively to VAT holders.

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As of this year, it is also possible to order any of them Payment To the revenue agency or pay the amount due, even in the presence of a withholding agent. However, those who do not have a withholding agent can use the 730 by selecting the “No Alternative” option.