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The globular cluster NGC 6440 in a new image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope

The globular cluster NGC 6440 in a new image taken by the James Webb Space Telescope

After a few days of silence (at least on the official websites), several photos and press releases appeared regarding James Webb Space Telescope. We wrote about the new image of the Horsehead Nebula, but also about the characterization of the exoplanet WASP-43 b. Another novelty is a photoGlobular cluster NGC 6440 (Taken in 2023).

This celestial body is located about 28 thousand light-years from Earth in the constellation Sagittarius, and its discovery dates back to 1786 by William Herschel. In the'Globular cluster NGC 6440 We find ancient stars held in place by gravity in the structure Spherical in shape. The number of stars within the clusters is several million, and they are also relatively close together (even a light-year or less away).

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The data was captured in near infrared thanks nercam In a region 2.23 x 2.23 arcminutes wide. Different wavelength filters at 1.15 µm, 2 µm, 2.77 µm, 4.44 µm were used and blue, green and red colors were assigned to them. the James Webb Space Telescope Lesson NGC 6440 As is Spherical block It is rich in minerals, which is located in the inner region of the Milky Way Galaxy, in addition to its ability to obtain more information about existing pulsars.


Discontinuity of the central region of the spherical mass

Data captured by JWST They were also used for construction From the study By title JWST reveals differences in the abundances of helium and water in the puffy globular cluster NGC 6440.. In the study, the researchers focused specifically on the amount of helium present in two different star groups of the cluster, with stars containing some amount of helium. “natural” Of this element and others that are richer in it. The presence of helium-rich stars will also be common in other globular clusters, and new models developed in the future could shed more clarity on their structure. For those who want to look closely NGC 6440lEuropean Space Agency A. has made it possiblepicture advertisement High accuracy More than 100 MB captured by James Webb Space Telescope.

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