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The Dark Knight Jonathan Nolan would like to make Chapter 4: “It would be a dream”

The Dark Knight Jonathan Nolan would like to make Chapter 4: “It would be a dream”

Years after its release, Triple The Dark Knight By Christopher Nolan It remains one of the most influential epics in the genre cinematographic. The three films star Christian Bale In turn Bruce Wayne/Batman They truly revolutionized the world of superheroes, opening the doors – one might say – to the phenomena of the Marvel Universe and the DC Cinematic Universe.

The story of that version of Batman ended appropriately in 2012, but the hopes of fans of A.J Nolan's return to the DC universe They never ran out. And perhaps, today, with the director more popular than ever, they could have a basis in reality: after all, Nolan himself has stated that he would gladly return to work on the franchise, for example. James BondAnd he is a huge fan of him.

Possible confirmation also comes from his brother Jonathan NolanShe is currently busy promoting the event series He fallsHe is the executive producer and director. During a video interview with Shushascreenwriter of the three films of The Dark Knight He mentioned that He will be very happy To return for a possible fourth chapter.

These are Jonathan Nolan's words:

Wouldn't it be a dream? This project took ten years of my life, from the time I got the call to work on Batman Begins in 2003 to The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. It was epic. I have to work with Christian [Bale]Heath [Ledger]Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine, an exceptional cast for a character considered an American icon. If I had the chance to work on it again, I will definitely do that».

The possibility seems remote at the moment, with Nolan busy with his original projects, but on the other hand, never say never. In the meantime, Batman fans will certainly not leave empty-handed: he will arrive in 2026 Batman – Part Two, the announced sequel to the film that marked the debut of Robert Pattinson as Gotham's hero. A second incarnation of the new DC universe by James Gunn and Peter Safran will also arrive in what has already been announced Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

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