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Tiziano Ferro The accusation against Mara Mioneschi: “She made him lose weight and pretend to be straight” The singer shares the message

Tiziano Ferro The accusation against Mara Mioneschi: “She made him lose weight and pretend to be straight” The singer shares the message

The controversy between Mara Maionci and Tiziano Ferro is not over after the record producer's interview with Monsters. In the interview with Francesca Fagnani, he described the singer as “ungrateful” because, in his opinion, he was among the artists who gave her the least credit for his professional success. An accusation in response to the sender from Vero, who responded on social media: “I have always been grateful to you, I have shown you that a million times on a million occasions, so I ask myself: why is this?” why now? What a shame, how sad.” But Munchi's words hurt the artist, who twenty-four hours later launched another message on social media. He does so by sharing an excerpt from an article by Mo MagazineWith serious charges for the product. “On the eve of 2001, Tiziano Ferro was a boy with a dream. With a dream and a 12-song album, all the hits are ready in the drawer. Thanks to the meeting with Mara Maionci, this album would become Rosso Relativo, the perfect debut album,” Grazia Sambrona wrote, “but there was a problem: Tiziano Ferro’s weight at that time was one hundred and eleven kilograms. And it wasn't short Teen idol Which is as it should have been, because of the commercial logic of the era.” The journalist says that Mayonchi and her husband would have presented him with a choice: “Either lose weight, or no contract.” There was also another condition: “His sexual orientation was also a matter of To fatally undermine his image Teen idol The perfection with which they chose to “sell” it to the crowds. The decision is also a product of the era in which ours first emerged. However, that does not make it true.” For this reason, “the young Tiziano Ferro found himself, on his first album, loved by millions of people for everything he was not: thin and heterosexual. And with the fear that this giant lie imposed by the record company would be exposed In any way.” With the fear of losing it all, the author says: “It is not difficult to imagine that, given that the recording contract itself was based on his kilos, this 20-year-old boy had a holy fear of gaining weight. And maybe then, I would lose everything.” Locked in a gilded cage that would make him miserable and make him a person with “alcoholism and self-esteem problems.” A very harsh reconstruction towards Maionchi, which Tiziano Ferro wanted to share again on social media By writing: «Drop the microphone – The gesture of dropping the microphone after doing something you are proud of, unknown – Historical.”

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