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From zero to €30 to €60 and now it’s back: We are moving towards lowering the limit beyond which it is mandatory to accept card and debit card payments. Reverse government straight out ofDiary of Giorgia Meloniwhich the Prime Minister opened perfectly by launching the social column “#gliappuntidiGiorgia”, a video appointment, intended to take place on a weekly basis, to talk about it and the work of the executive, giving “answers on the most important topics. Because there is no problem to answer no something “.

The video posted on Facebook

Another solution looms on superbonuYes, with the Mef that could indulge the pressure of the majority by accepting dl Aiuti quater to move the deadline for Cilas from November 25 to December 31, evaluating solutions (but the margins are very narrow) to unlock tax breaks. At the same time, the race against time for the maneuver’s approval process begins in parliament: the prime minister demands its scope, rejecting accusations of favoring tax evasion.

He argues that “the monetary cap is hurting our economy”, stating instead that the “open and close” measure against companies contrasts with a “billion-euro epidemic” of unauthorized workers. Then there is precisely the raising of the minimum spending after which fines are imposed on traders who refuse to use the POS: it was 30 euros in the first drafts, double that in the final text, and now the new minimum is being assessed. “The amount of 60 euros is indicative, for me – admits Meloni – it could be even less. Obviously there is a conversation with the EU Commission, because the issue of electronic payment is one of the objectives of Pnrr, we need to know how it will end ”

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It is expected to be issued in Brussels soonAccording to government sources. However, the FdI leader claims a base rate designed to protect traders from bank commissions. “The fines are to be expected for something else,” intervenes Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who states that “if the opposition clings to the issue of the point of sale, it means that it is an excellent maneuver.” Brussels is also expected to issue public opinion on the budget, as well as the green light for an increase from 65,000 to 85,000 euros to raise the flat tax threshold for the self-employed. No less sensitive is the ongoing dialogue with the EU Commission on the status of Pnrr. “It is an indisputable fact that out of the 55 goals to be achieved by the end of the year, we have 30 left,” Meloni said in an interview with Repubblica, where she said she was “confident that we will recover,” specifying that if “something Missing on appeal, it wouldn’t be our fault.”

“A clumsy attempt to get his hands on giving responsibility to the Draghi government,” she denies Mariestella Gelminifrom the third pole. According to the reasoning made in the executive, delays from 3 to 4 targets for 2022 are being monitored, but the result of the comparison with last week’s European task force is considered positive. The indicator that determines the level of concern is that associated with unspent recovery resources, such as 3.8 billion without a destination in the chapter of the technological transformation of companies.

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The survey launched by Minister Rafael Vito with other administrations, municipalities and regions is not over yet, and it is likely that a decree will be issued to simplify the achievement of some of the Pnrr’s goals. Opening the agenda with her remarks, in a twenty-minute video on social media, the premiere covers the month and a half at Palazzo Chigi. He responds to criticism by attacking. “I want to help people get out of poverty with work: work takes you everywhere, citizenship income keeps you where you are, there is no escaping it,” she explained, before commenting on the words of a woman who says she is willing to “steal food”: “Between income and stealing The option of going to work is probably something you should consider.

Tajani: “The placement? Not to the point of evasion”
“This is not a place where you evade, if you set a minimum minimum point, you only need to go to the bank 3 times and withdraw, this is not a place where you fight corruption and tax evasion. We have to give freedom to, for example, many foreigners who They come to Italy accustomed to paying with cash, for example tourists from Arab countries who might otherwise choose to go and spend elsewhere.” So said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani to Che Tempo Che Fa on the threshold of the obligation to use POS.

Crosetto: “An effective and just state is needed against tax evasion”
“I think against prevarication we need to make the state efficient and fair and force people to pay taxes for services that are not subject to appeal, such as health care that is guaranteed for all.” Defense Minister Guido Croceto said that in another half hour, led by Lucia Annunziata. “The big difference is between who can’t escape and who has the possibility to do so. Everything rests on the moral justification for dealing with a country that doesn’t when it has to behave well with its own citizens.”

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