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Tomorrow the government will give the green light to the green corridor for public sector employees and local workers.  But we also think of individuals: here are the hypotheses

Tomorrow the government will give the green light to the green corridor for public sector employees and local workers. But we also think of individuals: here are the hypotheses

There will definitely be public servants, as well as those who work in it Local people and on Transportation. While the discussion is still open to private companies and professional companies, for which league The postponement could appear at least until the administrative offices on 3 and 4 October. However, it seems clear that he will get to that as well, but it will only be understood in the next few hours if it happens tomorrow – Thursday 16 – the day when Treasury The third decree will be called the mandatory nature of green pass Expand it to include new categories of workers. The Regions They gave the go-ahead – snatching a half-yes to the new rules in case yellow areas NS orange In the coming months – but Matteo Salvini He tried to resist the request for guarantees, delaying the wait for the text that has been working for days in the offices of Palazzo Chigi and the relevant ministries. With a large cutting plate of Carroccio.

He explained that “things have to be done because they have to be done, not to get an immediate result” Mario Draghiaccording to Nino Andreata He explained the next steps for the government. The necessary steps to combat the virus and, above all, return to normal: because in the intentions of the head of the executive branch, this is the main function of the new extension of the green certificate that will reach the Cabinet on Thursday. The measure, other than the remaining resistance of part of the League (“we will be the only ones in Europe”, Salvini notes), is ready and will enter Valid on 10 or 15 October. the last Knot To be resolved concerns the audience of recipients. Palazzo Chigi aims to extend the green lane not only Public sector But also for all that Spread. “We’re working on it,” senior executive sources said on Wednesday.

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The next few hours, to frame the “super” green corridor with some clarity, will be crucial. First head with me Head of delegation And after a final conversation between the government and the regions, the Cabinet. There is now no doubt that the green corridor will be mandatory for public sector employees. The Minister of Public Administration asked aloud Renato BrunettaWho wants to reduce smart work by 15%. This list will also drop, as specified by Corriere della Sera, The State property agencies, from Enter, from the customs and the gods monopoly, The independent authorities (Anac, Agcom, Guarantor of Personal Data etc.) General, Cultural and Social Security, and sports federations.

According to government sources, it is also very likely that the Decree of Compliance for individuals working in those sectors in which the customer is required to show the green certificate includes: Catering, tape, gymsMuseums Cinema and theatres. In addition to long distance transportation (trains, Planes, ferries) and in all likelihood also the drivers and controls bus NS Subway, but me too taxi drivers. However, in the past few hours, the government has been working to expedite the extension of the “tout court”, that is, to the entire private sector, with the introduction of a single decree into a single decree that it was initially thought it would do gradually. Palazzo Chigi’s offices and government grapple with a complex function, beginning with the same differentiation between public and private. Because, as shown, the two sectors intersect and overlap – starting with to share Drawing clear lines in a few hours to define what’s public and what’s private remains far from simple. And the violent resistance of the League must be overcome, at least resistance to Salafi observance, while from the ministers- Giancarlo Giorgetti in Premès – The approval has already arrived. No grievances even from the governors, starting Massimiliano Fedriga NS Attilio Fontana, which provides since last week in abundance.

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