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More than €2m undisclosed: foreign carers and domestic workers in trouble

More than €2m undisclosed: foreign carers and domestic workers in trouble

They were paid regularly, usually from the families they helped. Except that, although they systematically concealed the proceeds of their labor from the tax authorities (which they sent largely to family members who remained in their country of origin), they apparently benefited from, and even had the possibility of requesting, public health and welfare services. . Naspi while you do not have the right. Thus, under the magnifying glass of the tax police of Livorno, Cecina and Castiglioncello (in Tuscany) sixty people among the Caregivers and housekeepers Aliens, accused of not disclosing more Two million euros. The newspaper reported that The telegraphan inventory of the checks Fiamme Gialle has made in recent days.

In particular, it will be domestic workers.They turned out to be complete evaders because, although they had income that exceeded the exemption limit (i.e. 8 thousand euros), they did not proceed to file the required tax return. Inspection activities arose from the analysis of both various reports received from citizens and subjects who regularly carry out this work, and from related independent BI activity and database analysis. Particular attention was paid to the advertising position of foreign citizens Work in the domestic work sector such as cleaners and caregiversAmong the most indicative cases, the financiers reported that of a female caregiver who “forgot” to declare more than 60 thousand euros, but at the time of the check she wanted to immediately address her debt situation with the Italian tax authorities. That’s it, because, again, on the basis of the investigations made by the finance, some (missing) taxpayers have benefited unduly from social welfare services at the economic and health levels.

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Control subjects used public health and social care services – reads a note from gdf – Some affiliates even got the wrong tax status which allowed them to claim what is called an end of relationship suitablei.e. unemployment benefit, without paying any tax to the state.” It is true that we are dealing with a certain class of workers: the employer is not a withholding agent and is therefore only obliged to issue a declaration showing the amount of payments made in the year, as well as the amount of the INPS notification of the worker’s employment (while the declarative obligation remains independent for the domestic cooperator). In any case, monitoring activity is ongoing and other cases could emerge soon, in theory.