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Current account, millions in fees for this tax: have you noticed?

Millions of account holders have been charged for this tax. However, avoiding it is possible, so let’s get into the details and see how to do it.

There is a lot of tax account holders They find themselves paying on schedule, but it is possible in some cases to avoid it. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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The Money It is not a guarantee of happiness but it undoubtedly helps in finding a correct solution to many problematic situations. From the power supply to the bills of local users, in fact, we often find ourselves having to shell out money. Therefore, given the importance of the latter, it is not surprising that many decide to take an interest in the world of savings.

Thus, more and more money is left on Bank accountHowever, it ended up being eroded by taxes and management costs. Millions of checking account holders are well aware of this, and at the beginning of April they uploaded atax taken by force every year. But it can be avoided. But how do we do that? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

Current account, avoiding this tax possible: all you need to know

We’ve already seen that Leaving your money in a checking account is often counterproductive because of the costs and risks involved. These include the taxes that must be paid each year by all those who have an average annual stock of more than 5,000 euros.

Remember that the amount of this tax is equal to 34.20 € per year for individuals and 100 € for legal entities. A forced withdrawal of funds did not go unnoticed by the millions of account holders who had to deal with the relative deduction as April arrived.

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If your credit institution is preparing the quarterly reports, in fact, the parties involved are dressed She already charges 8.55 euros. This is, as mentioned earlier, in the event that your average account balance is equal to or more than 5 thousand euros. The fee, as mentioned earlier, is automatic, but fortunately, in some cases, it is possible to avoid having to pay for this item. But how do we do that?

Current account, avoiding stamp duty is possible: the ways you don’t expect

Well, as you can guess, stamp duty should not be paid on a checking account in the presence of a file Current account with an average balance of less than 5 thousand euros. Alternatively, it is possible to avoid having to deal with this forced withdrawal, simply by opening a Online checking account with free stamp fee. In fact, there are many credit institutions that offer this solution.

But not only that, based on current legislation, Very low income people do not have to pay this tax, with an ISEE of less than 7,500 euros. In this case, in order not to have to pay the stamp duty, it is necessary to submit a specific application to the bank. Basic and current account holders with a value of less than 11,600 are also entitled to have the stamp duty exempted. We remind you that the term basic checking accounts refers to accounts with limited operations.

Do not pay the stamp duty on the current account, Therefore, in some cases this is possible. All you have to do is pay attention to the various characteristics of your account and the related financial resources, in order to choose the most suitable solution for your needs.

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