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Matteo Messina Tenaro Arrested – Live – Chronicle

Matteo Messina Tenaro Arrested – Live – Chronicle

Mafia boss Matthew Messina Money Arrested by the Carabinieri del Rose. After running for 30 years. Castelvetrano (DP) The investigation that led to the arrest of the Mafia boss was coordinated by Palermo prosecutor Mauricio De Lucia and deputy prosecutor Paolo Guido. ANSA learns this from qualified sources.

Matteo Messina Tenaro was arrested inside La Maddalena Private Hospital in Palermo, He was operated on a year ago and since then he has been receiving treatment at the day hospital. In Wrong documents were given to the doctors The name Andrea Bonafede was written there.

“Good is good!”. Cheers and applause erupted from dozens of patients and their families for the Carabinieri del Rose upon arresting the fugitive at the clinic.

Confirmed three days ago. The magistrates, who had been derailed for a while, gave the green light for the blitz. The GIS Carabinieri was already at the Maddalena Clinic, where, for a year, Messina Tenaro underwent chemotherapy. The employer was at the entrance with a false document, acceptance plans made with withdrawal, visitation and treatment. Meanwhile, the clinic was surrounded by masked soldiers in front of dozens of patients. A carabinier approached the godfather and asked what his name was. “My name is Matteo Messina Tenaro,” he replied.

After the explosion at the clinic, the now former super fugitive was first transferred to the San Lorenzo barracks and then taken to Boccatifalco airport. A maximum security prison facility. The same thing happened to boss Dodo Rina, who was arrested on January 15th 30 years ago.

He was also arrested along with Matteo Messina John Lupino, of Campobello di Mazara (DP), was charged with aiding and abetting. He would have accompanied the boss to the clinic for treatment.

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Who Is Messina Tenaro (and Why Catching Him Is Important)

The arrest of Matteo Messina Tenaro at the oncology clinic coincides with the results of the investigation, which is very dated. Suffering from serious diseases. Traces of the fugitive boss in January 1994 actually placed him in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he reportedly underwent retinal surgery at a well-known eye clinic. But that’s not all: according to the results of the retrial a few years ago – he would have blamed chronic kidney failure, for which he would have had to undergo dialysis. To avoid arrest while traveling for medical attention and treatmentEmployer has installed dialysis equipment in his accommodation. An important confirmation of the fugitive’s alleged pathologies came last November from Bendito Salvatore Baiardo, who managed the Graviano brothers’ fugitive in Milan in the early 1990s. In a televised interview on La7, Bendito told Massimo Giletti that Matteo Messina Tenaro was seriously ill and for this reason he wanted to replace himself.

This is the result of years of investigation This office and the police forces that destroyed the network of facilitators of the boss Messina Tenaro”. This was reported by deputy prosecutor Paolo Guido. Castelvetrano mafia boss “This – added Guido – is the result of a difficult and complex coordination work between the police forces that everyone should thank at this time”.

President, Sergio MattarellaThis morning he telephoned the Minister of the Interior and the Commander of the Carabinieri to express his congratulations on the arrest of Matteo Messina Tenaro, which was carried out in close cooperation with the Department of Justice”.

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A big win for the state which proves that it is not relenting in the face of the mafia“: Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reacts to the news of the arrest of Matteo Messina Tenaro.
After Totò Riina is arrested, another organized crime leader is brought to justice.

Messina Tenaro, Commander Ross: ‘He was in a sanatorium for treatment’

“Extremely satisfied with a historic result in the fight against the mafia”
. Thus, when the Minister of Interior Matteo Piantedosi arrived in Ankara to meet his Turkish counterpart, upon hearing the news of the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro. “Congratulations – he added – to the Public Prosecutor of Palermo and the Carabinieri for bringing to justice the most dangerous fugitive. An extraordinary day for the State and for all those who have always fought against the Mafia”.

Castelvetrano (TB) is the son of Ciccio’s old mafia boss, Todd Rina’s Corleonesi’s historical partner, Matteo Messina Denaro has been a fugitive since the summer of 1993After the Rome, Milan and Florence mafia massacres, in a letter to his girlfriend at the time, Angela, he announced the beginning of his career as the Red Pimpernel. “You will hear of me—soon he wrote to her that he knew his name was associated with severe bloodshed—and they would paint me as a devil, but they will all be false.” The Trapani mafia boss was sentenced to life in prison for dozens of murders, including this one of little Giuseppe Di MatteoThe penitent’s son was strangled and dissolved in acid after nearly two years in prison. For the 92 assassinations that claimed the lives of Judges Falcone and PorcellinoAnd 1993 for the attacks in Milan, Florence and Rome. The Messina Tenaro was the last “first rate” mafia boss still wanted. Hundreds of law enforcement officers were involved in his arrest over the years. Today he captures her, ending her decade-long escape. A record holder like his loyal allies Dodo Rina, who escaped handcuffs for 23 years, and Fernando Provenzano, who escaped prison for 38 years.