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Usa, Biden: Martin Luther King’s Dream Still Unrealized – North America

Usa, Biden: Martin Luther King’s Dream Still Unrealized – North America

“Martin Luther King’s dream is not yet realized” so it is necessary for America and the world to choose and fight for democracy at this “turning point”. Joe Biden pays tribute to the civil rights leader on his 94th birthday. He does it from Ebenezer Baptist Church, an Atlanta church where Reverend preached.
The president flies to Georgia, at least temporarily, to try to forget the scandal of classified documents found in one of his former offices and at his home in Delaware. “I’ve spoken in front of queens and heads of state, but I’ve never been as scared as I was in front of you,” says Biden, the first sitting president to attend Sunday Mass at the famed church. He reminds those present that Luther King has always been his hero, along with Bob Kennedy. “I admired John F. Kennedy, but I couldn’t imagine him sitting at my table, but Bob did,” he says, drawing laughter from the faithful.
“I’m with you at a critical moment for America and the world. What happens in the next few years will determine what the world looks like in three decades,” observes Biden, returning to ride on one of the strong points. Democrats mandate or defend democracy during midterm elections.
“This is a moment of choice” and “it is necessary to choose democracy over tyranny. We must fight for the soul of the nation,” echoing the president, describing Martin Luther King Jr. against those who promote “racism, extremism and sedition.” “A non-violent fighter, who fought for justice”.
“He showed us the way, now we have to be careful.
We have to follow it,” Biden’s advice translates to following the path as preserving and caring for democracy, which he adds is “not guaranteed” or guaranteed. The civil rights leader — who observes the president — asked, “Where do we go from here? My message to the country, let’s move forward together”. For Biden, the trip to Atlanta is an opportunity to strengthen and deepen the close bond between the African American community and the Democrats, and can see the president considering the 2024 elections. Candidate again.

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