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Mattarella receives the world volleyball champions Azzurri: "An unforgettable evening"

Mattarella receives the world volleyball champions Azzurri: “An unforgettable evening”

“Champions of the World! Heartfelt congratulations, intense and sincere. It was an unforgettable evening.” President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella Thus welcomed the Azzurri volleyball, at the Quirinale the next day snatching the world title in Poland. The head of state added, “I try to follow volleyball when I can, and I heard comments and criticism last night and read that a young team I feel uncomfortable with my age, and out of place.” Foreplay the coach. De Giorgi: “Winning three World Cups as a player is an achievement, and winning one by leading the team from off the field is a huge challenge. I was impressed with the way he addressed the team during matches, seeing other coaches with the painful gestures, the calmness that helped bring serenity to the team. “. “I watched the final last night from the first bar to the last bar in Poland; the first set was also in your hands but giving it to the Poles was a courtesy to the very sporty Polish public.” And then: “It was an important day for our sport, at Monza there was a victory for the popular participation of Formula 1 and FerrariAnd the Italy Basketball He did business with Serbia. Now – Finish matarella – We are waiting for the Women’s World Cup, hoping that the fate of your “sisters” will be in the opposite direction to what happened in the European Championships.

Smiles, dark circles and gold medals: the party night for the Italian volleyball world

By our correspondent Mattia Chiusano

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De Giorgi: “Historic result, young people born of value”

“The Blues are talented young people, they are a sign of hope for our country because they generate value,” said the Italian coach. Ferdinando de Giorgi. “We achieved a historic result. I won the last title 24 years ago as a player, and getting it back today was a long hug with a group of players who believed in the project and spent their time fully.”

Giannelli: “Victory with joy and a smile”

The Azzurri gave the president a ball signed by all the champions of world championship success: “Dear President, now we realize what we did, I was young and I don’t remember another World Cup 24 years ago. Happy to bring ‘Italy so far, we’ve done it with our style, our joy and our smile'” words of the captain Simone Giannelli. “We are special guys, and we have the desire to be involved. Yesterday it seemed like we had fun and it didn’t feel like we were playing a World Cup final, we are proud of what we did and I would be very happy to be back here another time.”

He also congratulated the Azorean Prime Minister Mario Draghi: “Team spirit and unity of purpose always pay off, not just in sport,” the prime minister said. “You are an example of the ability of young Italians. After the disappointment of the Olympics, Azzurri volleyball has benefited from defeats and renewed itself, as only great traditions can do. Your victory in the World Cup got 22% on TV Share: You were one of those 22%…Thank you for the sentiments you gave us and that you gave me last night.”

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“At the beginning of my government – added Draghi – I joked that Italy won everything, from the European Championships to the Olympics, then Eurovision and the Nobel Prize in Physics. Then that magical moment faded, with some disappointments. Well along with the Azzurri at the European Swimming Championships, You cut through this negative moment: sport consists of ups and downs. You have shown coolness in difficult moments, clarity and awareness of your means. It is a characteristic of not only professionals but. Real champions, who will come back to win sooner or later.” Draghi spoke of the “terrible state of Italian volleyball’s health,” and congratulated coach Di Giorgi and captain Gianelli for “the award for the best player of the tournament.”