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Sailors from the most prestigious American clubs in Punta Campanella

Sailors from the most prestigious American clubs in Punta Campanella

“It’s beautiful, magic.” They wrote before they left. One hundred and twenty sailors with 22 boats from the USA to Campania to visit one of the most beautiful and pristine places in Italy. They are the New York Yacht Club teams that chose to stop yesterday morning in Punta Campanella.

Starting with America’s most prestigious Marine Club, Roosevelt and Rockefeller in his album of Most Famous Persons, arrived yesterday at the Marine Protected Area yesterday morning, divided into two groups.

Only one mission: enjoy up close the wonders of the marine protected area. The initiative promoted by the most famous club in the United States, founded in 1844 which counts and is members of, among others, J.P. Morgan and Ted Turner.

The initiative will be repeated on September 15 and is part of a larger event that includes the coastal and islands of the Gulf of Naples.

“We desperately wanted to enjoy a lot of beauty, and when we created the program, we did our best to deliberately include a stop in the Punta Campanilla Marine Protected Area. We deeply appreciate the work that the park does and the loving protection that it maintains a unique ecosystem,” wrote the organizers of the New York Yacht Club.

In all, about 120 people were able to enjoy some of the most beautiful and most memorable areas of the park. Split into two groups, each consisting of 11 boats, they stopped at Campo Boe de Le Mortelle in Marina del Cantone, then visited the surrounding area and the Bay of Erranto by canoe and kayak. All in full compliance with park and environment regulations. “Promoting the Territory and sustainable environmental activities. In this beautiful initiative there are two main points in our daily work and that is why we welcomed with great pleasure the prestigious New York Yatch Club which hosts 22 sailing boats – and this is confirmed by the President of Amp Punta Campanella, Lucio Cacace- a very important event that showcases, Offshore, the jewel of the coasts is our marine protected area.”

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