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Barbados became a republic: Farewell to the British Crown

Barbados became a republic: Farewell to the British Crown

Barbados She officially declared herself a republic, removing Queen Elizabeth from her title as head of state. At the ceremony attended by Prince Charles, the British royal standard and Governor-General Mrs. Sandra Mason He was sworn in as the first president. The island, with a population of 287,000, is famous for its paradise beaches and beaches, and for being the birthplace of a world star. Rihanna, And thus ends centuries of surrender to the British crown. The new president was elected in October by direct universal suffrage.

Prince Charles speech

Prince Charles admitted ‘Awful slavery’, describing it as something “This stains our history forever.” During the farewell ceremony for the British throne and the historic transition of the Republic of Barbados. Then the heir to the throne referred to the times (especially the eighteenth century) when the United Kingdom was a major player in The transatlantic slave trade come me “The darkest days of our past.” In fact, Barbados was inhabited by slaves from Africa working on local sugar plantations. But looking into the future, Carlo said so “The creation of this republic offers a new beginning.”.

Queen Elizabeth’s message

Queen Elizabeth sent for him Warmest wishes for happiness, peace and prosperity in the future And praise the nation that has “special place” in his heart for “Its vibrant culture, its sporting prowess and its natural beauty”. And the prime minister too Boris Johnson He said the UK and Barbados would stay “Friends and allies with a partnership built to last.”

Rihanna named ‘National Champion’

It was one of the first acts of the Republic of Barbados to name one of its most famous cities, a pop star Rihanna, “National Champion”. The singer was a kind of godmother of the party called “Pride of the Nation”. And it was Mia Motley, Prime Minister of the Caribbean country, who awarded the prestigious award of world fame. “May you continue to shine like a diamond and bring honor to your nation,” “Diamonds,” he said, referring to one of the singer’s greatest songs.

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