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macOS Ventura Official: More Performance!  Here are the changes for all Macs

macOS Ventura Official: More Performance! Here are the changes for all Macs

macOS Ventura official! The new version of the Mac was officially presented at WWDC 22 in San Jose and saw a great deal of innovation in the way you work with applications and software on a daily basis. All aiming to achieve maximum productivity and more. What are the changes? Apple introduces a new way to use Mission Control called theater manager Which, as we shall see, revolutionizes the way open programs and applications are used. Not only because there is news about Spotlight With more detailed research and more for mail, safari And not only. Let’s see what will change.

macOS 13 Ventura: Here’s all the news

theater manager

theater manager The first big piece of news about macOS Ventura is allowing the user to work in a completely different way than they did before allowing the way to see windows open in Mission Control was allowed to be reorganized. In this way, Apple’s idea is to simplify the user’s desk, managing to have more control over both the request and the way he sees the screen and especially the desk to retrieve some files. Stage Manager will be activated directly from the Control Center and will be useful for those who use several applications at the same time.

Stage Manager works in synergy with other macOS window creation tools, including Mission Control and Spaces, and users can now easily access their desktop with a single click.


also new for Spotlight Which relates to the possibility of obtaining more information about the word that the user is searching for. You can now find photos in your photo library, find text within photos, and view shortcuts. Spotlight has also been added to the bottom of the iOS 16 home screen.


macOS Ventura also brings news to search in the Mail app See changes in full previews, instant suggestions, and typographical corrections. Users can quickly find what they’re looking for just by clicking search, including recent emails, contacts, documents, photos, and more, all before they start typing.

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Not only because it will now also be possible Scheduling emails And even cancel the delivery after pressing Enter. Yes, because Mail now intelligently detects if a message is missing items such as an attachment or a CC recipient. In Mail, users can set reminders to return to a message at a specific date and time and receive automatic suggestions for submitting an email after no response.


Safari has a new tab sharing feature, which allows users to see which cards their friends are viewing in real time. Not only because it now also supports biometric “passkeys” to replace traditional passwords on many supported platforms. Remember how Passkeys make it easy to sign in securely, using Touch ID or Face ID for biometric verification and iCloud Keychain syncing on Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV with end-to-end encryption. It will also work on apps and on the web, and users can access websites or apps on non-Apple devices using their iPhone.

Users can also create a bookmark list on a shared home page and even start a Message Chat or FaceTime call right from Safari — great for planning a trip or researching a project together.

pass keys

Finally comes an important update regarding The password and storage system for the same. It’s called nowpass keysIt will be available with both apps and websites and will allow you to keep accounts stored inside your Mac securely with better keychain management, which will be phishing resistant.

camera continuity

Continuity function of the cameraNow offers the possibility Use iPhone as a Mac webcam Make options previously impossible on a computer camera. Thanks to the strength of continuity, Your Mac can automatically recognize and use the nearby iPhone camera, without having to open it or select anything. And the iPhone can also connect to a Mac wirelessly, providing more flexibility.

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Continuity Camera delivers innovative features across all Mac models, such as Auto Framing, Portrait mode and a new Photo Set Light effect that illuminates the user’s face while blurring the background. In addition, it uses the iPhone’s ultra-wide angle to make features like Desk View possible, which simultaneously shows the user’s face and the top view of their office, perfect for creating home videos, viewing graphics via FaceTime and more.

Handoff makes his FaceTime debut, so that a user can initiate a call on one Apple device and easily transfer it to another nearby device. One click is all it takes to continue a FaceTime call made on an iPhone or iPad on a Mac, and if it’s joining from a Mac and needs to log out, the user can safely pass it on to their iPhone or iPad.


Messages on your Mac now includes the ability to Edit or cancel a recently sent message, mark a message as unread, or even recover accidentally deleted messages. New collaboration features make working with others fast and seamless. When a user shares a file via messages using the share sheet or drag and drop, they can choose to share a copy or collaborate. When they choose to collaborate, everyone in a thread is automatically added.

And when someone comes Change to a common documentActivity updates appear at the top of the thread. Users can also join SharePlay sessions from their Mac right in Messages, so they can chat and participate in synchronized experiences.

the games

Thanks to the power of the Apple chip, you can now easily run your heaviest and most power-hungry Macs, including upcoming games. EA Network Legends And the Capcom Resident Evil Village. Obviously, the Apple chip is also on the iPad, and whoever develops these games can reach more users, for example Hello Games with No Mans Sky which will be available for Mac and iPad at the end of the year.

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metal 3the latest version of the software that supports the gaming experience on Apple platforms, It introduces new jobs that makes gaming on your Mac even more exciting by harnessing the full potential of the Apple chip for years to come. MetalFX Upscaling technology allows developers and developers to quickly render complex scenes using frames that require less processing, then apply precision scaling and temporary anti-aliasing. The result is accelerated performance for a more responsive gaming experience.

Game developers can also use a new API for fast resource loading that reduces wait times by providing a more direct path from the storage drive to the GPU, so games can easily access the textures and geometries needed to create boundless game worlds and games.

More features come with macOSVentura

  • active textEnhances on-device intelligence for system-wide image text recognition, and now also works with paused video frames and Japanese and Korean text. The user can also extract the topic from an image and insert it into another application. and nowvisual searchHe expands his abilities and is now able to recognize animals, birds, insects, statues, and even more relics.
  • Applicationsweather forecastAnd theWall ClockIt’s optimized for Mac, with all the common features already available on iPhone.
  • .’s new toolsAccessibilityInclude live texts for all audio content, type to speak for phone calls, and text checker for spelling when using VoiceOver.7
  • system configuration(System Settings) The new name for System Preferences, which now has a simpler navigation design and is very similar to the one on the iPhone and iPad.
  • theresafetymacOS goes a step further with new tools that make your Mac more resistant to attacks, including Rapid Security Response that runs between standard updates to keep security features up-to-date without restarting your computer.