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Weapons, map and alien invasion


After weeks of waiting, we’re finally here: Season 7 has arrived in Fortnite, here’s all the major news

Fortnite, here’s all the news for Season 7 (YouTube screenshot)

This morning, servers It is an electronic game They have gone completely offline. Classic way of working for Epic Games, which was officially submitted Season 7 of Battle Royale. The developments in the past weeks have been confirmed: Aliens arrive!

With aliens, there is a lot of news Whether on the map level or with new skins and weapons. Players are already starting to enjoy the changes brought by the software house, but there is still a lot to discover and it will take days for you not to miss a thing. In the meantime, here’s a quick summary of the news at Fortnite with season 7.

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Fortnite, all season 7 additions

Finally, the Fortnite season 7And with it all the news of the update. Let’s start with the game map, with two new areas arriving: Paul’s Beliver Beach and Corniche Complex that replace Sweaty and huge crops. There is also one in the middle of the game island purple material, which can also be found in smaller quantities in other regions.

Great heroes then Aliens, the new breed with different face formations that will provide different possibilities for players. It would be possible for example Unidentified Flying Objects Command as a new means of transportation.

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Speaking of skins, it will be possible to get characters of caliber already in the Battle Pass Pass Rick Sanchez Superman. Then the Battle Stars return, which will allow you to level up when you get 5 or more of them. Among the first additions Joey, Chimera, Clark Kent, Superman, Dr. Sloan, Jojimon, Rick Sanchez, Sunny, Zig, Celeste E. Guernsey.

News also about weapons, with four new extraterrestrial additions: Recon Scanner, Chimera Ray pistol, Foss rifle, Railroad pistol. Second , creative mode and save the world, With new characters and items that can be used within the game. Season 7 will accompany us all summer, ending the next day اليوم September 12, 2021.


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