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Loggia Hungary, Amara’s TV version: “Criminal association, cooperating in the choice of life. Storari? His cosmic naivety”


“I was arrested in February 2018, two incidents corruption. I was imprisoned in Regina Coeli prison for 5 months, then I spent a period under house arrest, A period of great reflection. There she developed a strong, firm, and resolute conviction for Collaborate With the judiciary. The moment I decided to do so Life choiceEither it was a drastic choice or it just didn’t make sense. ” Piero Amara, 52 years old, former foreign lawyer for the Arab Republic of EgyptEni Who unleashed a new storm in the world of the judiciary with his statements to Milan prosecutors on the ghost Masonic lodges “Hungary” (It consists, according to him, of a diverse number of judges and founding personalities) He speaks for the first time on TV in an interview with Corrado Formigly a Cleaning Campaign, It La7. “I reported a number of conditions under it I wasn’t even investigated“He explains.” I could have confined myself to To admit Assumptions of the crime I contested, but I came forward. For anyone who says I worked together to have one Deduction of penaltyI remember already negotiating in Rome and Messina. “

I tried to limit my testimony to the facts on which I was present Absolutely sure“Explains the architecture. “I started talking about the Hungary Lodge because, in fact, I don’t know how, the Milan prosecutor’s office was able to find File from 2015 Inside a computer according to my availability. It was a file directed at a person referred to as “LL,” Luca LottiWho, he says, would have met him several times: “There was some form of communication with Dr. Loti in the prime minister’s office. I have to distinguish between Lottie and Renzi. With Lotti, aside from direct knowledge, the communication system was mediated by a Florentine businessman, then a Economic relationship When there were problems financing Leopolda, but I did not fund them. ”In the document that the prosecution found, he said:“ Yes They recommended A series of judges or other state officials who have needs of various kinds. ”The lawyer is under investigation for A. Alleged misdirection In the case of Eni and Nigeria, he began making statements in December 2019. “I tried to limit myself to pointing out the facts that I was sure of the subject matter of my proof, which I can prove. Storary (Paolo Storari, the Public Prosecutor is now under investigation for the release of his report, EdWhen I started making statements to Storrari, I asked myself the problem of needing to SuspensionFor a while it was easy to get the audio recordings “by the parties involved,” some of them now They say they don’t know me“.

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Storyari, says Amara, “In this case only one is wrong Cosmic naivety Compared to what happened so as not to classify it otherwise. Knowing Storrari, who is definitely a respectable person, I think he must have talked about it with Dr. DeVigo … it happens. In April 2020So we’re in the strictest of the investigation. A path was established that still contained many interrogations. If he did a Attorney, Will be in prison Likely. It was me – he continues – that raised the issue of needing feedback. Fortunately for me, after making these statements, I tried to rebuild Interviews e Recordings From the facts to protect me. The so-called Hungary Lodge, in its version, is much worse than a secret society. That is, compared to some facts, for me there is just “Criminal association Intended to abuse the position. Certainly – he adds – until my arrest, the power group that admitted to being part of this association It still exists And I’m willing to talk about it with any other judge, not just with the prosecutor’s office in Milan. ”The first person to talk to about his presence was, he says,“ It was Dr. Giovanni Tenbra, ”the former director of the Prison Administration (Dap) and the public prosecutor in Catania. In a certain part of the judiciary – he explains – there was Narrower circle With respect to which I initially had the honor to participate thanks to Dr. Tenbra’s invitation. He was the first to utter the word “Hungary” to me.

Statements made about me tonight by attorney Piero A. Amara Cleaning Campaign On the La7 they are False e baseless. I do not know the described conditions. I have never met Amara in one circumstance accidentalIndeed, in the presence of dozens of people, above all, I have never received files from him. In the face of such defamatory inventions, I reserve the right to evaluate the lawsuit. ”Luca Lotti quotes this in a statement sent to La7 Radio following the mentions Amara made.

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