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Mara Venier: a 71 anni il look da spiaggia è il ritratto della libertà

Mara Vinier on Instagram picks purple (and wins)

Happy and Free: Mara Vinier On vacation in the Dominican Republic and beyond Instagram shown in Total purple beach look: At the age of 71, the presenter looks happy and calm. Her hair loose and dried by the heat of the sea, her makeup-free face and that spontaneous smile are symptoms of moments of deep happiness. Which he decided to share with his many fans.

Mara Venier, the look of the beach is full of purple

We’re used to seeing her on TV, to appreciate her deep sarcasm, sharp wit, and style. On social media, he always appears in a less glossy, more accessible version: from moments Great joy with grandchildrenin Home BusinessAnd the Mara Venere yes Says a lot through social media Let the woman shine from behind the lights.

This really appeals to her fans, who appreciate her being real and honest. There is no better picture than the one he shared Instagram profile From a white beach in the Dominican Republic where he was on vacation.

Mara showed up in a full purple lookIt consists of a costume and a sarong, but above all without makeup and without filters. the result is A picture is a picture of freedom.

At 71 years old (72 in October), the presenter is present Beautiful and happy shape The picture proves it. Even more beautiful this way, however, is the natural look, reminiscent of what everyone can get on a day off at the sea, with hair left to dry in the heat of the sun and wind breeze. The look is complemented by a purple swimsuit and a robe of the same color, giving her plenty. There is no doubt that it will be copied, because it has managed to be an emblem of freedom and at the same time class.

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Not surprisingly then reading a file Comments left by her important colleagues and fans. Among the hearts and wishes of a happy holiday, there are those who indicate how beautiful it is to see her so happy and also those who emphasize her elegance and class.

Mara Vinier, vacations with her husband and upcoming work commitments

Mara Vinier has been traveling to the Dominican Republic for some time with her husband Nicolas CarraroWell deserved vacation after a busy year of driving Sunday in. Here, in Santo Domingo, he spends relaxing days with his family in dream villa.

A few small moments from everyday life are shared via Instagram: from shopping with the grandson, to his early morning coffee, to the stories of his days.

The Relaxation is necessary to recharge the batteries She’s back in better shape than ever for the next TV season to watch working again In Delivery Sunday Container for Rai 1. There are many versions that Aunt Mara has implemented from the program, and as he told a guest of Fabio Fazio to me what’s the weather like, At the moment he has no intention of resigning: “I’ve been saying ‘this is the last’ since the first year, but the audience is sovereign. When the audience doesn’t follow me then I will retire, but now with these results I can’t stop.”

Waiting to be seen again on the small screen with great irony and sympathy, Mara Venier enjoys her days with her family in a place of incredible beauty.