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Anna Tatangelo from Club Venus: The Leather Leggings She Can Only Wear

Anna TatangeloGuest on Venus Club On Thursday’s May 27 episode, which aired late in the evening on Italia Uno, he challenged Beautiful Lorilla Boccia With a stunning rocky look, you can only wear it with the right design and the right category.

After the short dress designed by Elisa Iswardy And Alessandra Amoroso’s antique look, it’s up to Anna Tatangelo to trust In the living room of Lorela Boquia. Fresh from the radio release of her new song SerenadeThe singer introduced herself to Venus Club In full black, really aggressive clothes that helped the audience fly even into the fourth episode, despite fierce competition on other channels.

Leather leggings

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Anna said goodbye to heels and evening dresses, like the bold dress that was worn in one of the episodes of the Second Edition of The name of this melody. Then he chose a tuxedo jacket which he wore with black leather leggings with slits at the knees and combat boots. In perfect harmony with his latest album, Year Zero, Which he stated in an interview with Marie Claire: “I put everything aside to just dedicate myself to myself. Maybe this is the first time I’ve done this in 34 years. This year I reset everything, this year I was reborn, this year a different light kisses me, this year I’m a new Anna, this year Is my year zero. “

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Therefore, a fresh start on all fronts, even special and disturbing Breaking up with Gigi De Alessio, As he explained in the same interview: “It was a difficult year, but let’s say a heavy year. I broke up, and went to live alone with my son in another house, a few days after the epidemic arrived, they closed everything, and I found myself completely alone and without distraction, without possibility.” To put my weight down, son for the exact period that we were living in the family.I had booked a vacation at Disneyland, and we had other plans, but it all fell apart. Find a balance I never had before, to face the fears and insecurities that made me stronger, to rediscover the love of music, the need to write. ”

Her gritty look shows all the determination Anna has in starting over, despite the 20 years of work she will celebrate next year. Lorela Boquia a Venus Club Welcomes the challenge of style and matches the voluptuous cyclamen dress, with an important slit enhancing perfect legs, slender through lace-up sandals with a drop heel.

Anna Tatangelo, Lorela Boccia

Anna Tatangelo and Lorela Bucia