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"Yes I have a bad voice, it's a physical defect, but you fell"

“Yes I have a bad voice, it’s a physical defect, but you fell”

Well, yes dear Lily Gruber, I have a bad voice. What are we going to do with it? It’s my physical defect: I’m sorry I’m sorry. My voice is poor, my body defective.” With these words, a leader.outside the coreMario Giordano responds to Lily Gruber. At a public event, the reporter said:No, for me, Mario Giordano is not a colleagueReferring to the reporter from Rete 4 tried imitate her: “If you do a verse, you know who that Giordano is.” “To harass the Queen of Political Correctness, and attack a person for his physical imperfections, well, to what level has my dear Lily fallen?” Was Giordano’s response broadcast at the opening of his radio broadcast on November 16th network 4.

The owner after a while increases the dose and shows a picture of the journalist in the sea, commenting: “Then, my dear Lily Being your colleagues, you have to attend the rich people’s meetings in Bilderberg and see on yachts with De Benedetti – says Giordano – well, I’m Lilli Gruber Proud not to be your friend Because I don’t go to Bildeberg or on the yacht with De Benedetti. I have this bad voice and I use it to scream and try to solve some Italian problemsGiordano concludes.

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