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Bocelli is the richest municipality in Italy, and the poorest in Lombardy

Bocelli is the richest municipality in Italy, and the poorest in Lombardy

The analysis shows the first trend: pre-pandemic taxable income per capita (after deducting any deductions) was € 20,079, which is largely stable compared to the 2018 figure, which was € 20,049.

With Income per capita is 46,316 eurosTherefore, Lajatico ranks first in the 2019 top 10 of the richest municipalities in Italy, gaining a place compared to last year.

Basiglio and Cusago follow, And both are in the province of Milan. Among the novelties for 2019 are Bogogno (Novara), which gained 32 places, and Rubiera (Reggio Emilia), which jumped from 336 in 2018 to sixth in 2019.

to me Last places In the ranking are the small border towns of Cavargna (Como), Val Rizzo (Como) and Valle Canopina (Verbania) with average incomes of 6,243 euros, 6,657 and 6,776 euros, respectively, which, according to Entwig, “is probably due to Economy across borders. “

The Milan-Bergamo-Monza triangle He asserts himself as the richest in Italy, while Rome ranks among the top ten.

From the data regarding the incomes of Italians in 2019 – notes Aldo Cristadoro, CEO of Inwig – there are two aspects that are particularly striking: The Big City Crisis, Which is witnessing a contraction in average income (more than 100 euros) and the difference between the sexes in wages, as the average per capita income for men is 23.711 euros and 16.101 for women. “

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