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Italian League and Champions League Fight and Relegation: Here’s the situation | News


Lazio are out of the great matches in Europe, and there are two centers at stake between Milan, Napoli and Juventus. Cagliari saves, Turin misses a point

Progress on the 37th day of League Others gave Two important rulers for Champions Zone. For the third year in a rowAtalanta wins a place in Europe from the big names, While the Lazio says goodbye to jogging. Ranking is close at hand, then, three teams will compete until the last second for the remaining two places in the Champions League: Milan, Napoli and Juventus. In the red zone of the ranking, the draw for Benevento Save Cagliari And Torino is allowed to stay in the Italian league by making a point: the Campania region instead needs a miracle.

Although there are only 180 minutes for some teams at the end of the tournament and 90 minutes for others, the situation is still complicated with many possible combinations. Especially when it comes to fighting for a place in the Champions League. If equal points are reached, in fact, direct engagements should be evaluated and possibly a separate classification. The regulation states that with the same points, the criteria for placing the ranking are five: points scored in head-to-head matches, goal difference in head-to-head matches, overall goal difference, total goals scored, and a draw. But let’s see the situation in detail.

Naples – 76 points
To keep Juventus in the back and qualify for the Champions League, Napoli must beat Verona. Otherwise, the situation may get complicated. At the moment, the Azzurri are ahead of the Bianconeri and the Rossoneri +1+ and from here to the end anything can happen by surpassing the results with Pirlo and Pioli. But let us see in detail the position of the direct confrontations of Gattuso in the event of reaching equal points.
At a disadvantage with AC Milan (1-3 in Maradona, 0-1 in Milan).
– Equal to Juventus (2-1 in Turin, 1-0 in Maradona), but ahead of the Bianconeri on the overall goal difference.

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Milan – 75 points
By defeating Cagliari, the Rossoneri will be a math in the Champions League. In the event of defeat, on the other hand, it can be assumed that they will reach equal points (78) with Atalanta (already qualified) and Juventus. In this case, the mini-standings would be: 7 Atalanta, 6 Milan and 4 Juventus. Or finish with equal points (76) with Juventus and Napoli: in this case Milan and Juventus will go to the Champions League. As for direct clashes, the status of the Rossoneri is as follows:
– Beat Juventus (1-3 in Milan, 0-3 in Turin)
– at the advantage over Napoli (1-3 wins, 0-1 knockout)

Juventus – 75 points
Presently, Juventus are fifth at the age of 75, and the Champions League is narrowly sidelined with Pirlo. To reach the qualifiers, Juventus must win against Bologna, hoping that Milan will not score more than two points or Napoli will not win with Verona. Alternatively, he can also hit the target in 3-76 points as he will go to the Champions League with Milan.
But let us see in detail the state of the Bianconeri’s direct clashes.
At a disadvantage with AC Milan (1-3 in Milan, 0-3 in Turin)
– Equal to Napoli (2-1 in Turin, 1-0 in Maradona), but behind the Azzurri in the overall goal difference.

Benevento’s situation is desperate, especially after the draw with Crotone. Spezia and Cagliari are safeTurin and the Campania region remained in a struggle not to relegate. Only one point is needed for a grenade Between Lazio (recovery) and Benevento to stay in the Premier League, instead, Inzaghi’s team should hope that the Biancelesti beat Toro and then win the match against Nicolas’ eleven coaches: both will have 35 points but after 2-2 from the first leg of the match. Directly in favor of Benevento.

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