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Monitoring Agency, clash between Malago and Abudi – Altri Sport

Monitoring Agency, clash between Malago and Abudi – Altri Sport

“We risk making a fool of the world.” CONI President, Giovanni Malago, explains this in an interview with Repubblica where he commented on the reform of Sports Minister Andrea Abudi.

“Apart from the truth of substance, there is a truth of form: CONI read that document in Repubblica, then in the agencies. And I got the draft only through the Italian Football Federation, which received it shortly before from the Minister – he continues – – I expected at least that it would be done.” Send it to us too.”

Regarding the team control system, Malago stressed that “this rule was not created to improve the situation. But to change the rules of the game. I say it very frankly, I have serious doubts that this discussion” about political interference in football “can be accepted by sporting bodies.” “So, at the very least, this must be checked before taking any position at the regulatory level, otherwise we risk making ourselves a laughing stock around the world, and unfortunately, Italian governments are not new to similar positions.”

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Also under discussion is the Molly Law, which would like to give the government the possibility of appointing two members of the military to the CONI Council and there is a question about this. “Whoever goes to the council represents himself, not a third party. So if a soldier enters, at that moment, he can no longer be a soldier, because the IOC will never be able to accept a soldier who responds to others in the council.” He concludes.

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“The document – answered the Minister of Sports and Youth Andrea Abudi – was received from the Federal President, and is a non-final text. I also try to pay attention to the form, but the language used by the President of CONI does not seem to be appropriate. Mine is more formal taking into account the circumstances, and we are all in Serving the public interest.” Could UEFA and FIFA intervene? “Here – adds Minister of Sports and Youth Andrea Abudi on Radio Ancio Le Sport – sporting independence is not affected at all. Financial controls are simply attributed to a third party, and are not included in the sporting selections that are the absolute prerogative of the Football Association.”

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Will the new agency cost two and a half million annually, paid by all the clubs? “This too – explains Aboudi – is a topic we are talking about. In a world with multi-billion financial revenues, two and a half million would be an investment in security and third parties which is especially needed by those clubs that pay regularly and demand that the same rules are respected by everyone, as well as to ensure Fair competition.”
Changes to the text: “The text is subject to further scrutiny, but it cannot be distorted, it will be integrated and enriched with content. I would like the decision to be made because I believe it is indispensable, that our system needs it and that the government also asks us for public opinion.”
Aboudi then responds to a question about the appointment of two soldiers within the CONI Council: “Is this true? Parliament has taken measures to represent the military sports bodies and the state’s civilian bodies within the legal bodies of CONI. If he is talking about that it does not sound like an invasion of the stadium, it sounds like a representation State-funded world of sports within the sports system.”
Finally, the Minister weighed in on the tensions between the League and the Italian Football Federation: “I hope that the right tones will be taken and that public interest in the increasingly competitive Italian league will be considered. Reform has not yet been achieved, but I hope that it will happen in the next few years.” Months , without special interests and with appropriate institutional education.”

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