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The latest news in Rome, May 16-2021, 20:10

romadailynews radiogiornale Buonasera from the editorial staff by Francesco Vitale in Study to the Government, Commissioner son, we are showing our readiness to organize an open day for vaccines also in discos in light of the summer events so that more and more young people in the vaccine campaign are reached the president of Silb FIPE Entertainment, Maurizio Pasca The association launched an experiment in several discos, one of which was inside and the other opened it to verify the conditions for reopening the discos. In order to conduct the experiment as soon as possible in the outdoor venue, it will be held on the 5th of June in Gallipoli Braga where only 2000 people will be kept through the green corridor and the clients of the building will have to undergo the new seal in Milan and the test will be conducted in a fabrik indoor disco of good Reviewing a sporting event with confidence We can continue with logical confidence towards the gradual reopening of the other event. By maintaining the necessary prudence with improved data, we can reduce the curfew and then overcome it. This is possible because the measures taken in recent months for the correct behavior of the vast majority of people, Of course, thanks to the vaccination campaign, which is essential to open a new season in the country. Health therapist Roberto Speranza at the Italian International Tennis Championships in Rome by June 2 we will have an open day in Lazio for students who will face maturity tests which we think is important to get the most teaching and not – The teaching staff performs the exams peacefully and will have received the vaccine and it is important that the graduates receive it as well, explains health advisor Lazio Alessio D’Amato about the vaccination campaign in light of Maturity tests, the government’s opinion at the moment is not positive, but the epidemic of shutting down the refreshments of economic options seems to me a continuation of that of the previous government and the closing of dragons is tougher than it is with you, Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni said in another half hour at Rai 3 in the report, and with However, there are many points of contact and differences to this. I think where will we go together? Because we agree, the Gaza operation will take time. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel supports the United States while rescue teams are still busy recovering the bodies of the victims of last night’s black bombing. Via Levata di Gaza City, the Ministry of Health published an interim toll on at least 33 deaths, including 12 women and 8 children, who continue to fire massive rockets from Gaza into all of southern Israel. The Israelis were hit by a Palestinian-driven car. In the neighborhood, meanwhile, European diplomacy is moving in Jerusalem to find a solution that stops the conflict. I would like to hold a vertical and extraordinary meeting of the European Union foreign ministers to appeal to the father of the UN Security Council meeting Guterres has begun to commit to the cease-fire, and we pause here for a moment. I wish you good evening and good continuation of listening.
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