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“It doesn’t seem like much to me”: The first meeting between Battisti and Mogul


The apartment is located inside an elegant building in the heart of Milan. She’s waiting for him on the doorstep, wrapped in a beige trench coat, her hair tied in a scarf, sunglasses pulled down her French nose. He sees her from afar and accelerates his speed. He has the excess energy of a 20-something to drive it. Before entering, she mixed up the tangle of hair. then Christine Leroux And Lucio Battisti They entered Giulio Rapetti’s house Mogul.

He gets them to sit down by moving baskets of vinyl records from the sofa: it’s the first time he’s seen that immature musician. However, they have known her for some time: a deep friendship forged in the Paris-Milan axis, strengthened by a professional bond, because Christine runs a music publishing house. He is a dog of voracious talent. Mogul opens the bottle. They drink something, and then Lucio breaks the ice: “Look, I’ll play you two songs.”. Mogul nodded yes.

The music starts, but the poet immediately frowns. Christine and Lucio remain in religious silence awaiting the verdict. Now the second piece scans that living room, but it generates no reactions at all. Lucio turns off the music. “There, it’s over, that was it.”. Mogul immediately wants to say something, but you can see that he carefully chooses every syllable. Just then, five frank words came out of his lips: “They don’t look like much to me.”.

Who knows what Battisti was thinking in the moments immediately following that venomous remark. He was young, yes, but talent doesn’t care about age. After his debut in Napoli he moved to Milan to be a part of it HeroesI’m the band led by Robbie Matano. The same one who then saw a sparkle embedded in that skinny, stubborn boy, calling him to write songs.

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And now it was planted in Giulio Rapetti’s living room with a French agent at his side, while he had just broken down two of his songs. Some may take it personally, put their feet up and close the door. Instead he caught the Mogul by surprise. Calibrate your words well and come out more coherent: Me too”He whispered, widening his mouth with a smile.

But it seems like Kristen handled it poorly. Mogul noticed this and decided to cheer her up. In the end, he was amazed by the humility this boy showed. It is true, as he later admitted, that on that first date he saw absolutely nothing in Battisti, in his lyrics, in his music. But maybe we can work on that. Tell him that maybe it’s a good idea to try singing, even if he’s hesitant, to pay attention to the words. So he gets up and issues a sentence that is not serious at all: “Listen, how about you come back to me in a few days? We’ll take a few hours to work together and see how it goes.” Lucio’s face lights up. Christine too, because the premise of clear rejection is depressing.

From these first acquaintances will be born Sweets during the day And For a penny. Then great success September 29. The beginning of the cooperation that It will revolutionize pop music Italian. The rejection game is like the most crackling love stories.


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