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Bills, do you pay more in Italy?  Ranking of European countries

Bills, do you pay more in Italy? Ranking of European countries

Bills, do you pay more in Italy? Ranking of European countries in spending on electricity. Let’s see where we stand and where we can save.

High bills –

Do you pay higher bills in Italy than in other European countries? Given the many increases recorded in recent years, especially regarding the bill hits we received for electricity consumption (especially in the winter months), sentiment is still high. But let’s find out in detail, also with the data receivedEurostatExactly how things are going.

Meanwhile we can expect it only in the last two years, with The crisis between Russia and Ukrainewith many countries involved in this conflict, ie Electricity supply costs (but also those for gasoline and other products) It has more than doubledWith very serious consequences on the economies of many families who are no longer able to support their monthly expenses. An extremely dangerous situation that requires urgent interventions.

Bills Italy’s unsustainable situation

High bills in Italy have supported an unsustainable situation for many families since the crisis Coronavirus disease Until now, the support measures implemented by the various governments that followed each other in Shige Palace can no longer be counted. between Bonus With aid, the situation is partly under control for many families who can barely cover their expenses. Electricity and gas Rather, it has a serious impact on the pockets of Italians.

Top Billing in Italy –

Several times we have tried to clarify things by talking about how to reduce expenses at home, for example through a narrative Which devices to limit and which to use more. Hopefully it will happen as soon as possible Environmental transformation In our country, which will certainly contribute to improving the overall situation, as well as regarding the impact of the draft laws. Having said that, let’s try to understand how things are in Italy by making a comparison with other European countries.

The first question we ask ourselves is the following: more bills are paid in Italy than in Italy, e.g. France? The obvious answer we can give is “no”. Eurostat confirms this by providing a detailed classification of the overall situation of the various EU Member States. Here is the detailed data.

How much is spent in Italy on bills: European ranking

Do we pay more bills in Italy than we do in France? The answer, as mentioned, is no. Although we often complain about high electricity bills, we must say that some European countries are not in a better position than us. Although in Italy we spend about $1000 to cook with an electric oven 77 euros annuallyThat is, about 42% more than the Swedes, and 63% more than the French, and we are not worse off than others.

The difference does not lie in the recipes we cook, but in… The cost of electricity is 0.378 kilowatt-hour euros. Well, according to Eurostat data We are in sixth place in utility bills after the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Germany and Denmark. It could have been worse.

Pena D’Onofrio

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