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Friends 21, do you remember Mattia Zinzola and his serious injury? There is important news

Will Mattia Zinzola try to get into school again in 2022 after the injury that forced him to retire from Amici 21? Here is the answer.

Mattia Zinzola, as Andreas Muller, several years ago, had to drop out of Amici School during the final season of the TV show. This talented boy has a lot to spare, but due to a serious injury he was unable to reach it in the evening. Shortly before the stage in question began, in fact, he could no longer dance and gave up, promising to try again in September. But now that September approaches, is there a chance of seeing the dancer again among the talent benches?

One thing is certain: on the day Mattia had to leave the school of Maria de Filippi, Raimundo Todaro, his Latin teacher who also preferred it to his pupil Nunzio Stancampiano, reassured him about it. Those who look at Amici will remember that Francesca Toca’s husband’s words were: “I won’t cry for you to say goodbye to the show, because you’ll be here again in September”. Were these words prophetic? Is Mattia Zenzola really going to re-test in order to move Queen of Canale 5? Here are all the details that have surfaced in the past few hours.

Mattia Zinzola, ready to go back to Amici? Check Indiscretion

Mattia Zinzola from Amici School was distinguished not only for his amazing talent for dancing but also for his fun personality. The same that allowed him to relate a lot to other competitors, especially with Christian Stefanelli. Not surprisingly, as soon as possible, they met again and often dance together on different platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. In short, they are “friends” in every sense of the word.

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Thanks to social media, Mattia has continued to gain attention by his fans who have never forgotten Todaro’s words. On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, Andreas Muller in the past abandoned Amici due to physical problems, while the following year he agreed to his victory at the expense of gossip. Will Zinzola return?

As reported by Novella 2000, Mattia Zenzola’s return to Amici is likely but not entirely certain. The boy does, in fact, make all the choices necessary to get into the show again, but it’s not certain that Raimondo Todaro ultimately chose to bring him back on the show. On the other hand, there may always be better candidates than him. So we just have to wait to find out how it goes.

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