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Ferragni, her “double” Half-Mond (which I now make fun of)

Ferragni, her “double” Half-Mond (which I now make fun of)

Another shot for Chiara Ferragni. The most targeted influencer in Italy He loses another contract, with a well-known cosmetics company. Instead of his face, it seems, that A supermodel who looks a lot like her (To make matters worse, as they say). Pantenea Swiss giant in this sector, has already downloaded (similar to other “colleagues”). The unfortunate former of Fedez, who sees after the Pandoro Gate scandal Contracts disappear Left and right. It must be said that in this case, Chiara’s “replacement” is the famous supermodel Experience is a testimony It has some major brands to spare. It’s like going back to basics in a way. Just touching Like the faces of beauty. It’s best to play it safe, as happened (and well) many years ago. Help yourself Details below.

Chiara Ferragni, Pantene replaces it with “similar”

The famous Pantene collection He issues his punishment. After all, it’s better not to be associated with the much-talked about Virani anymore. Scandals and scoops are not good For business, it is known. So the mega brand chose: Via Chiara and inside model “employment”. The first to talk about it here was the unstoppable Selvagia Lucarelli. Who actually posted some Image “Change at the top” On his social profiles. Pictures from Say monthlyin short, a beautiful 40-year-old Israeli model, blonde like Ferragni, and her Incredibly similar.

It is unlikely to be a coincidence, but rather one The move has been calculated for some time. Because Kiara It has disappeared from commercials Pantene, so the decision was up in the air. The fact that a model with similar features was chosen may be a response to bidding Continuity of advertising image From the brand. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, Have Mond has a lot of experience in this field. Over the years, he has collaborated with giants of all genres, e.g ChanelCalvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, Armani jeans And the French connection. The point is that he takes the job away from the social media diva, and this could give us pause for thought. Who knows he didn’t come Time to return to the origins, Briefly. When professionals and models work for fashion brands and the like. But now, there are those who build brands from nothing, from the web, and become… Professional with popular acclaim (Social) Without a curriculum or professional training in this field. Maybe Ferragni’s fall will give a “no” to opposite direction. Or is it just an isolated case, who can tell.

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Meanwhile, Chiara witnesses thisAnother defeat for the brand far away. And In californiaAt the moment to spend a holiday with loved ones. The blogger had denied it, a few days ago, through her company, Finesse. Voices of Black Crisis At the financial economic level. Officially, Ferragni’s business appears to be holding up, at least for now. But the farewell domino could start at any moment. After Pantene, other influencer-related giants can ask themselves some questions. Work is work, after all. The first to know is Chiara Ferragni.