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Amici, 23, son of a well-known singer among students: who is he (rumour)

Amici, 23, son of a well-known singer among students: who is he (rumour)


The son and grandson of two famous Italian singers could soon enter the Scuola di Amici: this is him

There are only two weeks to go, and the race will officially start on September 24th New edition of Amici, his twenty-third. Obviously we will find him again in delivery Maria De Filippi. Among the show’s fans, many are wondering who will they be? Who will they be? Future students Who will become a part of schoolKnowing that no evidence has been leaked yet. At least so far, that is. as the first episode, the name of a potential first contestant on the talent show began to spread. This is the son Also a famous Italian singer grandson For an artist no less important than our musical panorama: Giovanni Antonacci.

Giovanni Antonacci for friends

Giovanni Antonacci on Amici: Indiscretion

The MondoTV24 portal published the news, and stated that the second son of Biagio Antonacci and Mariana Morandi It will be one of Amici students 23. Giovanni is a true son of art, since in addition to being the voice of Iris as his father, his grandfather is Gianni Morandi. As is known, in fact, Gianni’s daughter, Mariana, and Biagio Antonacci were together for nine years, from 1993 to 2002.

From their relationship, they had two children. Paul and John. Not only that, but also the former couple’s firstborn, pee, is involved in music. In fact, he is famous Composer And very much Hit songs A lot of Italian music bears his signature: from Fidesz’s “Mel” to Tanani’s “Sesso Occasion” and even Annalisa’s “Bellissima”.

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This is not the first time this name has been used Giovanni Antonacci is compared friends. In fact, about two years ago, the young man’s name was listed among the possible names students for school. This is because the 22-year-old already has an established career Rapper. Indeed, in 2021, he spoke in an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine about the possibility of participating in the talent show Canale 5, drawing a comparison with… X factor: “I think Amici is more educated. It’s longer, there are lessons, it’s a real school. I’ll be one of those who sit at the back of the bench, who make a fuss, but also obedient.”

In any case, it is necessary to remember that this information should be taken with a pinch of salt, since it was not there Confirms In this regard, the person concerned has not yet expressed his opinion. We’ll just have to wait until Sunday the 24th to find out if we’ll actually see it Giovanni Antonacci Between offices friends Above all, to learn about new things Season From the talent show.