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Recently bought an iPhone?  From battery to privacy and security: all the functions you need to activate immediately

Recently bought an iPhone? From battery to privacy and security: all the functions you need to activate immediately

When you buy a new iPhone, especially if it is your first, you need to learn many new tricks and the first functions that need to be activated.

When you buy a new iPhone, you have to complete the initial setup process, but when you’re on the new Home screen, You may be wondering which features need to be activated.

The First Things You Should Do When You Get a New iPhone

Unboxing a brand new iPhone and setting it up for the first time is truly an enjoyable experience for an Apple fan. But to be honest, this is just the beginning. From enabling basic modes to customizing your home screen and lock screen, there’s a lot you can do on your new device.

Functions that must be activated after purchasing a new iPhone

Customize the display settings of your iPhone It’s one of the first jobs you need to do after turning it on for the first time and completing the initial setup. Go to Settings > Display & brightness. from here You can switch between light and dark modes or set them to change automatically depending on the time of day. You may also want to turn on True Tone, a feature that automatically adjusts screen colors and lighting based on the light around you.

What to do when you buy a new iPhone

Security is as important as the rest of the features. We need to go up Settings > Face ID & Passcode to set up and configure biometric authentication. You can also use Face ID or Touch ID to authorize App Store purchases, password autofill, and ApplePay transactions.

In addition to, It is recommended that you activate the “Find My on” feature to help you monitor your device if it is lost or stolen. You can check the location of all your Apple devices using this app as long as they share the same Apple ID. Experts also suggest Limit ad tracking Privacy and security From settings.

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Check this option as well Allow apps to request tracking is turned on. This feature prevents some apps from tracking your location and usage patterns. It’s enabled by default, but you can turn it on or off by going to Settings > Privacy & Security > Tracking. If enabled, every time you launch a newly downloaded app, you’ll see a pop-up asking if you want to restrict the app’s tracking functionality.

If you’re immersed in the Apple ecosystem, iCloud is the best storage and backup solution out there. Go to Settings > iCloud and find iCloud Backup setting. If enabled, your iPhone will automatically back up your data every day when it’s locked, charging, and connected to Wi-Fi. You can configure which apps you want to enable for backup on the iCloud Settings page.

Finally, although iOS can do a lot on its own, there are many actions that it cannot perform natively. So, You will often have to rely on third-party apps to solve this issue. From password managers to budget trackers, there are several platforms that you should install on your new iPhone by going to the App Store.