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If you happen to meet him, stay away from him immediately, he is very poisonous and dangerous


This venomous and dangerous animal whose single bite can cause the same intense pain as a blow with a baseball bat: that’s what it’s all about.

Toxic sample – Viaggi.nanopress.it

There is an animal that with one bite can make you feel the same intense pain that you feel when a baseball bat hits you. The reason is related to the presence of specific proteins found in the venom of this small specimen that make its bite so powerful.

This is explained by researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia. These studies have recently been conducted on this creature, which bears the name Megalopyge opercularis.

The poisonous and dangerous caterpillar responsible for countless hospital admissions each year

grub Megalopyge opercularis It is considered one of the most toxic and dangerous substances due to its stinging hairs. They are small, thin, and pointed thorns that cover its entire body. The bristles contain irritating and toxic chemicals, such as histamine and other proteins, which are released when they come into contact with human skin or other surfaces.

Poisonous and dangerous caterpillar
Poisonous and dangerous caterpillar – Viaggi.nanopress.it

When a person comes into contact with the caterpillar’s stinging hairs, toxic chemicals can cause a variety of reactions, including:

  • itching and burning;. The bristles can cause severe itching and burning on the skin, which is hard to tolerate.
  • swelling. The skin can swell where it touches the hairs, causing irritation and pain.
  • Skin rash. Irritation can cause a rash, which can vary in severity and appearance depending on the condition.
  • Allergic reactions. In some people, contact with the stinging hairs can trigger a more serious allergic reaction that can include severe swelling and redness, blisters, hives, or even trouble breathing. These reactions are more common in cases where you are sensitive or allergic to the chemicals in the caterpillar hairs.
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Beware of indirect contact

Obviously, it must be emphasized that the reaction when contacting this animal can vary from person to person. Some people may be more sensitive than others, and reactions may also vary based on the affected area and the amount of hairs that come into contact with the skin.

Because the bristles are stinging It can even be transported by airReactions can occur even without direct contact with the larvae. For example, the fine hairs of caterpillars can break and be blown away by the wind, causing them to come into contact with nearby people.

Megalopyge opercularis
Megalopyge opercularis – travel.nanopress.it

In general, it is important to take precautions when in areas where these larvae are found, to wear protective clothing, and to wash your hands frequently to remove any hairs.

Therefore the sympathetic aspect of this caterpillar should not lead to underestimation of this animal. Their bites are actually the cause of dozens of hospitalizations each year in the United States.

Where does this poisonous and dangerous caterpillar live?

grub Megalopyge opercularis It lives mainly in some regions of North America, especially in the southern regions of the United States and in some parts of Mexico. The areas where it can be found are: Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama and other southern states of the United States.

In these areas, Megalopyge opercularis larvae prefer different types of environments such as forests, parks, gardens, and other green areas. They often roam near broadleaf trees and shrubs on which they feed.

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Curiosities about Megalopyge opercularis

A few years ago, this caterpillar was the hero of an amusing novel that spread across the Internet.

The similarity between stinging caterpillar whiskers and their famous hairstyle Donald Trump It actually inspired some people to joke about this coincidence.

Megalopyge opercularis larvae
Megalopyge opercularis caterpillars – travel.nanopress.it

Puns and funny comments were very popular especially during the time that Donald Trump was President of the United States (2017-2021).

Memes, edited images and amusing comments have gone viral on social media, noting how the hairy caterpillars resemble the president’s hair.


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