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A supercar that can’t even be driven on a track.  This is why – Corriere website

A supercar that can’t even be driven on a track. This is why – Corriere website

There’s no circuit with a straight track long enough where the latest race car developed by the historic brand can unleash 1,578 horsepower.

The first examples – just 40 in total – of the Bugatti Bolide are about to be delivered, costing €4 million each.o: The development phase of the most extreme car to ever leave the doors of the Molsheim plant is officially over. With an 8-litre quad-turbo W16 engine and all-wheel drive, plus a carbon fiber monocoque body developed in collaboration with Dallara, the Bolide promises to rewrite all the rules when it comes to road sports cars, albeit on the road here. There is very little. The bodywork, full of aerodynamic wings and sides, provides three tons of downforce and allows the Bolide to achieve up to 2.5 grams of lateral forcea value that is usually only experienced by Formula 1 or WEC (World Endurance Championship) drivers, that is, the championship dedicated to prototypes.

It’s easy to drive even at the limit

The Bugatti Bolide is in every respect the closest thing you can imagine to this type of racing car: It weighs just 1,240kg, and although its top speed of 380km/h puts it behind the Chiron, it’s unparalleled on the race track.while – according to test driver Andy Wallace – surprisingly remained It is easy to drive at the limit even for less experienced drivers. This sentence should be taken seriously, as it was uttered by the person who holds the production car speed record, achieved in August 2019 aboard a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300: more than 490 km/h. He also won the 24 Hours of Le Mans and three times the 24 Hours of Daytona, however, according to him Rather, the Bolide is an “accessible” car, exciting for its unique performance but not too demanding, perhaps thanks to ABS and not usually installed on racing cars.

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There are no paths with straight lines long enough

Despite being a car designed for the track, Bolide doesn’t give up on comfort, with interiors designed with attention to detail, including leather and carbon fibre, even if the driving position isn’t suitable for long journeys.: The driver actually finds himself with his heels raised, just like drivers in the cockpit of a race car, while the passenger is leaned forward to improve weight distribution. Dallara is not only found among the Italian partners of this “supercar”: The braking system was developed exclusively by Brembo and features a carbon-carbon system that allows stopping power at single-seat levels Despite the much greater weight. However, there is a related problem Possibility of exploiting the huge potential of the Bolide on tracks all over the world: in fact, there are no straights longer than 2 km on tracks currently approved by the FIA Lucky owners will therefore have to limit themselves to enjoying the tremendous cornering grip provided by the slick Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

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