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How to apply a hidden Windows function that speeds up tasks on your computer

How to apply a hidden Windows function that speeds up tasks on your computer

It is a trick that very few users know but it is among the most useful tricks to improve your computer’s performance in just a few steps.

The clip about it is creating a lot of buzz on the web Hidden feature in Windows 11The short video spread during these hours on social networking sites, and many users were not aware of its existence. And yet he’s about to One of the most useful features of the Microsoft operating systemAfter activating it, the performance of your computer will undergo a radical transformation, clearly for the better.

Windows users were literally amazed, because they did not know one of the most useful functions for speeding up a computer –

And the belief that they are enough A few clicks to get Desirable resultNothing too complicated. For those looking for a definitive solution to the age-old problem of a slow computer, this may be especially convenient. The comments under the post were clearly in vain. Users check the effectiveness and say thank you.

what are you waiting for? Now it’s your turn too, at the end of the procedure Your expectations will not be disappointed. Be careful and follow the instructions literally and you will see that you will never be able to go back. Try this solution now.

Windows 11, the secret function that few know to speed up your computer

You know it inside out All features of Windows 11? This might surprise you too. Through a simple process You can add the “End Task” function. Among the options that appear is by clicking on the icons of running applications with the right mouse button. It is “hidden”, but only so to speak, because with a little trick it can be exploited in daily operations.

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End tasks with right click, Windows trick
Once you activate the hidden Windows function, by right-clicking on the applications, the “End Task” item will appear – (Image source TikTok

On the keyboard it will be enough Press and hold the Win key along with the key corresponding to the letter I, this combination will open the Control Panel and at that point you will need to click on “System” after which the item “For Developers” will appear on the right side of the screen. And don’t worry, you can breathe a sigh of relief because You don’t need a computer genius to get going.

At this point, in fact, there is nothing left to do but Enable the End Task switch.“, by selecting it with your mouse, you will see it turn from gray to blue. And that’s it! Now you can enjoy your new feature and remember that You can deactivate it at any time Via the same steps described above.