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They left the cruise ship without medicine, what happened to the elderly couple

They left the cruise ship without medicine, what happened to the elderly couple

last Sea trip A nightmare for Norwegian Cruise Line passengers. A month after the astonishing incident that saw eight people abandoned on the island of Sao Tome and Principe (Africa) for not arriving in time to board a plane, the company has done it again, leaving an elderly couple stranded.

What happened

The heroes of this story are Richard and Claudine Gordon (Salt Lake City (Utah). The elderly couple (he was 84, she was 81) decided to take a cruise in the Mediterranean to celebrate the man’s 85th birthday. For this reason, they turned to the American company and boarded the Norwegian ship Viva with their relatives and friends. Neither of them could have imagined the terrible experience that awaited them.

Last Monday the ship docked at Motril, in Spain, and the couple decided to take a trip to Granada using an independent service (not one of those offered by the ship). Unfortunately, during the return trip, the group was surprised by a strong storm that stopped transportation for safety reasons. Then the delay piled up, and by the time we reached Motril, the Norwegian Viva had already departed, without worrying about who was or wasn’t back on board.

I travel a lot expert I’ve probably taken at least 30 cruises in my life. We have never failed to catch a ship on time in port. So we are not the ones abusing the systemsaid Mr. Gordon L CNN.

Apparently Norwegian FIFA It was supposed to leave at 6pm, so boarding was scheduled for 5.30pm. At around 5.45pm, fearing the worst, Gordon called a family member on the plane to ask them to inform him of the problem. Just like in Africa, the Norwegian Cruise Line staff didn’t want to be a little late, and the boat left anyway. So Richard and Claudine Gordon remained on land in Spain. Not only. The ship left with everything the two elderly men had on board, including Mr Gordon’s glasses, mobile phone chargers, hearing aids and some medication. The couple also said they had not received any assistance from Norwegian Cruise Line.

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“Fortunately my father traveled, but he is still 85 years old.” The couple’s daughter announced, Marilee Parker. “Since the Norwegian Viva did not dock again until Tuesday on the island of Ibiza, they took a bus to Granada and found a nice, cheap little B&B.”

The couple were not able to return on the ship until last Wednesday.

the previous

As mentioned, this is not the first time that Norwegian Cruise Line has adopted such behavior. Last month Norwegian Dawn Norwegian Cruise Line left eight people stranded because they were late to board.

The passengers had to make an arduous journey to get back on board the ship.