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“Xenophobic countries”.  Biden’s gaffe: The anger of America’s allies

“Xenophobic countries”. Biden’s gaffe: The anger of America’s allies

Joe Biden He became a new hero Cafe. In Washington, during a fundraiser for his election campaign, the US President indulged in some outrageous comments. Biden has actually branded a few Asian countries – including Japan, America’s strategic partner from an anti-China and anti-North Korean perspective – racism. The controversy that followed these announcements was understandable and inevitable. And from the Japanese government, it responded bitterly to the White House occupant.

Biden’s words

Biden took offense at his speech Japan, America’s ally and partner in the G7. According to the US president, Tokyo will adopt a policy of “racism“Toward immigrants, that’s why its economy, unlike America’s, is stagnant.”Consider: Why is China in a negative economic tailspin? Why are there problems in Japan? Why Russia?” Biden said. His response, as explained, made a little A diplomatic earthquake. “Because they are strangers. I don’t want immigrants“, the US president continued, instead underlining that the US economy is growing”Why We Welcome Immigrants”.

Within hours, Japan responded “Regrettably“Words from Biden’s mouth.”It is regrettable that comments are published that are not based on an accurate understanding of Japan’s politics“, we read in a statement from the Japanese government. For its part, the White House He tried to downplay Biden’s criticism by explaining that “The president argued, and I think the whole world knows, that America is a nation of immigrants, and it’s in our DNA.“, explained a spokesman for the National Security Council. John Kirby.

Tokyo said it registered this clarification: “We are aware of the US government’s explanation that the judgments in question were not made with a view to harming the importance and stability of relations between Japan and the US.“, adds a note from the Japanese government. However, the snowfall has embarrassed both governments, which are committed to strengthening their ties to deal with the tense geopolitical situation in the Indo-Pacific region.

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Japan and India are the answer

Remember, Biden hosted the Japanese Prime Minister last month Fumio Kishida For a state visit where agreements were signed to strengthen security arrangements. While some experts may agree with the gist of Biden’s statements, it is emphasized that “That’s hardly diplomatic to say about one of America’s key allies, which has its own problems, especially with racism“said Geoffrey Hall of the Faculty of International Studies at the University of Ghana in Chiba.

India also made its presence felt. Minister of External Affairs of India, Subramaniam JaishankarHe said Delhi has historically been open to immigrants and has a strong economic base.

Last year, Biden hosted the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Appreciation at the White House”democratic character” and this “Diversity“Both countries share