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Giro d’Italia, stage 2: Pogacar wins and takes the pink jersey

Giro d’Italia, stage 2: Pogacar wins and takes the pink jersey

The Slovenian beats Martinez and Thomas thanks to an attack 4.5 kilometers from the finish. The difference over the Englishman in the standings is 45”


5 May 2024 (changed at 5.38pm) – Milan

In front of the Black Virgin of the Europa Reserve, which rises 1,180 meters above sea level in the forest above Biella, there is none other than Tadej Pogacar. On the mountain where Marco Pantani achieved one of his greatest feats in 1999, with 49 runners returning after a chain jump at the start of the climb, amidst thousands of fans carrying Romanian flags and bandanas, it is clear that the Slovenian phenom wins his first stage in the Giro d’Italia and wears his first pink jersey. for him.


Pogacar attacks at 4.5 km after the great work of Majka, at the most difficult point of the climb with a gradient of 11%. Terrible acceleration puts his competitors on the ropes and makes everyone understand who is the master of the Giro. With a distance of 3 kilometers, he is 21 inches ahead of Thomas, O’Connor, and Wijtdebrix, and 54 inches ahead of Ecuadorian Jonathan Narvaez, winner of the opening stage in Turin. In the last kilometer he has 32 inches over Uijtdebroeks, Martinez, Vansevenant, Thomas, Lutsenko; At 1:33 minutes, Narvaez’s team. Even further than Tiberi. At the finish line, Pogacar won by 27 inches over Dani Martinez, third Geraint Thomas, fourth Lorenzo Fortunato, then Liebowitz, Wijtdebrix and Storer; Lopez at 37′, O’Connor at 1′, Tiberi at 2’26’.

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In the classification, the UAE phenomenon leads the Emirati, the strongest runner in the world and a symbol of this generation, with 45 inches ahead of Thomas and Martinez, 54 inches ahead of Ogitdebrix and Rubio, and 1’05 inches ahead of Lorenzo Fortunato. Thus, the 25-year-old Slovenian, who is participating for the first time in the Pink Race, reaches the first finish line of his Pink Journey in Europe, which will end on Sunday, May 26 in Rome. “I’m a Pogacar fan: winning and being in the European squad would be the best message for Giroud, and the best way to honor the pirate,” said Beppe Martinelli, Marco Pantani’s coach from Brescia. Pogacar listened to his words.

the fall

Tadej offers the only excitement 12 kilometers from the finish, in the lane from Biella: he punctures the front wheel and, while waiting for the pioneer, he continues to use the pedals, but falls in a right turn and by a hair’s breadth, the Emirati pioneer “runs over him. Tomorrow, Monday 6 May, The 107th Giro offers the first of six stages for the runners: Novara-Fussano, 166km, two stars for difficulty and only a fourth Gpm category and with an elevation difference of 750 metres, this is the third easiest day of the pink race after the Cento and Roma stages.

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